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Friday, October 21, 2016

PlayBack: Maude - Habol

10/07/2016 02:16:54 AM

I only heard Maude live only once, and that was barely ten months ago.

And two years after releasing the 11-track Pelota Court, this pop-rock band has been rolling with that helluva music video from their single Habol.

The blues-sounding track has a visual produced by the band and Fuguwi Collective; done perhaps in a very hard yet impressive manner of a single camera take. And hey, it was never an easy to do the editing of this – with the reverse motion technique they have used.

If there's the downside of this clip, maybe the distance between Luis and his band members; the letters in his papers were quite hard to see if you have an eye problem. Some of the letters in the papers were small, too. But hey, give them a break. It looked like a lyric video at some point in such a with a very huge effort.

No wonder why my good buddy Ling had been blurting HOLY SHIT in this one. Truly one of the must-watch music videos for the year, with depicting how thoughts of chasing can be in such thrown papers in reverse motion. Hey, somewhat, they clicked along the way and defined what the song is all about.

Good job, Maude!

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