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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

PlayBack: Ely Buendia X The Itchyworms - Pariwara

10/14/2016 03:45:22 PM

Since their rise to the mainstream in the 2000s, it was highly regarded by many that The Itchyworms were the heir apparent to Ely Buendia and his band – who we all know as – The Eraserheads.

And it's no surprise the praise just got solidified when the former band vocalist and this pop rock band converge in a big-time collaboration effort called Pariwara. The five-minute track depicts about being defiant in the current trends of life, (like say going against-the-flow). And I think their music video somewhat gave justice to it when they filmed their music video at the nostalgic place called Cubao X.

It also had a different treatment wherein they look vintage in those vectors square-sized clips with various filters, something you might see in those old days of Instagram; plus the dancers and other forms of entertainment, as well as those commercial-like motion graphics complimenting what has been a passing-the-torch-like project.

And as nostalgia sells, especially with the setup we have right now, this is what every 90s OPM fans should be checking with. This proved that it wasn't just the Ely Buendia name that sells pancakes in every music aficionado – it was the sound we used to grow up with.

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