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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Who's Last?!

10/26/2016 01:49:45 AM

I should've written this post a week ago, when the hype of a returning icon just came back. Perhaps as an answer to the challenge poised by the Beast Incarnate.

Probably, this match-up has been talked about for two months, when the WWE 2K17 was officially launched to the world. Goldberg talked about Brock Lesnar, while it also happened vice versa..

And just everyone thought he will appear at SummerSlam, we were wrong. All we witnessed is a horror movie-like ending when Lesnar bloodied Rany Orton's head, eventually won the match via TKO, and F5'd Shane McMahon as an additional consolation prize.

Yes, just like that. Three pay-per-views have passed by, and the hype was revived in time for WWE to sell their 2k17 game via commercial sponsorships.

And just last week, this happened. It took twelve years for Gildberg to get back into the squared circle. This time, it's just a plain comeback spiel, not a WrestleMania-calibrated disappointment – a match between him and Brock that has sent everyone inside Madison Square Garden in a “meh” and culminated when referee Stone Cold Steve Austin hit both of them with a stunner.

And in all fairness, Goldberg delivered in such an (well, expected) impressive fashion, Heck, he didn't looked 49 years old here!

Listen: this should better be interesting. Like, we could only hope this one is the RAW main event for Survivor Series or WrestleMania. But let's see how the feud will flow.

Or perhaps, bounce back. I quite heard that this past episode of RAW has freeze all of the hype – not just for Goldberg, but also for Lesnar. Why?

Let me talk about that here... next!

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