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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wrong Book(ing)!

10/26/2016 02:25:41 AM

Well, as we we saying in my previous blog post, we thought the hype invested in this feud will be a smooth road.

That was our prejudgment until someone screwed up; and certainly it wasn't any of Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, or Paul Heyman's fault. But not even the crowd inside Target Center, either.

Well, what do you expect when a wrestler gets into the squared circle in a RAW, SmackDown, PPV episode or even a house show located in his hometown? Take the case of Brock Lesnar, as an example. I get what both Heyman and Vince McMahon were aiming into: that is to elicit jeers from the heel, who happens to be Brock Lesnar.

But instead, all he got were a bunch of “Suplex City” and “Goldberg sucks” chants. Certainly the TV production who produced this clip didn't help much – no matter how loud the “Goldberg” chants were lying in the audio wave layers.

And no surprise why it got VinnyMac furious as its reacting aftermath. Hey, never blame Paul for he's just doing his job to sell the match. This certainly wasn't just his off-night as a talker. What do you expect from the crowd of Minnesota, the place where Lesnar was originally billed since his “Next Big Thing” days (and even before that)?

Inner Wrestling Nerd was right. The writers should've known better. Either they could've made Goldberg appear there too and let the staredown begin them. Or maybe, they could've start later than earlier, as this seems to be a match that was meant to happen on either Survivor Series, WrestleMania or even Royal Rumble.

And why not? I doubt they will save it for a RAW-exclusive PPV like Hell in a Cell since some matches were already been fully-booked. Besides, WWE 2k17 doesn't only represent RAW alone, but also SmackDown; so saving this on either HIAC or RoadBlock is a bummer that could only make the program competition storyline a squashing one-hit wonder.

Speaking of which, I have yet to check if I could write a predictions for the upcoming PPVs. Unless FOX adjust their scheduling regarding those matters (hey, I don't have Torrent to make them available for myself.)

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