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Friday, January 06, 2017

The Scene Around: Jack Attack

12/26/2016 11:09:32 PM

On a random time in July, I strolled around the nearest hangout place Eastwood City just to (well, obviously) hangout and get away from all those personal breakdowns I ever had for the past few months of my life. It has been a rocky year and yet I managed to utter these words despite just hitting the halfway point of 2016.

On the other side, though, Jack TV was on the verge of putting up new programming, and what is more exciting to do so other than putting up an event that will surely get anyone's attention (including yours truly). Apart from those promos happened during the day, the Eastwood Central Plaza became a premier venue by the primetime Wednesday when JACK ATTACK took place with a concert of their own.

Five of the finest performers in the independent music scene hit the stage: Autotelic, Jensen and The Flips, The Ransom Collective, Mayonnaise and Franco. 

The electro-pop band came first, and that was like a long set (with around 45-50 minutes) as people start to lurk in this upcoming six-piece crew. And those were their early weeks as part of MCA Music. Jensen and The Flips came after and swooned the crowd with those swabe hits of their own, right before the indie folk squad TRC came in to perform as big crowd started to get even bigger. 

And indeed; midway through the night Eastwood Central Plaza was in full-house for the last two bands – whom people recognized the most as part of the band explosion scene in the mid-2000s. Heck, things were getting frenzy from the midway point 'til culmination.

Probably it was only the second time to witness Monty and his band, and it doesn't get tiring as fuck. And Franco? Man, they were few of the reasons why the music scene was alive even without the aid of television. See the ruckus ECP during times like this? That simply proves any naysayers wrong.

And probably, that hopefully lured more people to tune in to the cable channel, including yours truly. And probably, dig more than just Survivor and Saturday Night Live; there are lots of new series like Arrow and The Flash. Talk about interesting shows.

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