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Sunday, March 26, 2017

PlayBack: Jensen and The Flips – BDYTLK

03/21/2017 10:02:29 PM

Is there any sort of difference to the what Jensen and The Flips are currently offering?

This new single (off their upcoming second album) BDYTLK reminds me of their Slow, one of their hits off the album Honeymoon. If there's anything that stands out here, the more lively vibe of alternative they are kind of offering while showcasing the subtly-sensual approach in lyrical work.

This band has gone up far with a music video that probably spelled sophistication the smooth-slash-swabe way. This aren't exactly really they baby-making music we used to know.

I envy director Mike Sandejas for pulling off the technicalities here. Who says fashion couldn't mix with this trend of music. It may not a totally perfect kind of art, all right.  But I am quite a fan of  multi-framed sliding transitions, especially if done with a set that comprised of a perfect character to act, timing sequences, and appropriate effect.

This may be superficial on some sorts, but this is also where aesthetics were the ones telling the story. No massive plotlines need to serve as the backbone and with the statement that depicts two words: body postitivity

And if you aren't pleased enough with this kind of promise, we don't know.

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