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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Scene Around: Super Shadow Moses Turbo Launch

03/22/2017 08:06:51 AM

It was a Saturday night that served as the final third of a week/weekend packed of launches. While we have seen a some of our favorite bands launched their respective music videos, as well as a punk rock band and a hip-hop quartet doing their respective album launches in one night, someone up north was up for a party in a similar cause.

And that's the nerdcore rap trio Shadow Moses who just launched their geekery-inspired Super16 track album called Super Shadow Moses Turbo.

It was a night full of hip-hop acts, just following suit of the Illustrados album launching gig held a night before. Dante & Amigo kicked us off, while crwn hit the stage afterwards. Then here goes two of the notable rappers from the label Uprising Records – Apoc The Death Architect and Protege; both of whom also known as part of the rap battle league called FlipTop.

Then the main eventer took over the stage, and it was lit enough to prove why Mow's is one of those alternate-to-better-known venues (aside from B-Side) in the eyes of rap and hip-hop aficionados. They may not have those graffiti outside but the related vibe plus the live art makes this night (especially that time of the night) special. Artists who collaborated with the trio like Toni Brillantes and Earl of Manila had their turns in jamming with ShaMo members Chyrho, Ninno, and Six The Northstar. Heck, even Robert Sena of She's Only Sixteen dropped by to spit some bars.

To say hip-hop being out-of-the-radar at this time is a bullshit. Heck, there are lot of names – some of which doesn't even join rap battle leagues – emerging to the consciousness of the general public. And certainly, this album launch is in the books. It may be small (by numbers) and intimate, but had the element of dopeness as present as always.

This is probably the first time in over two years that I had been to a hip-hop event again, and the first time to witness Protege and one of my good buddies Apoc perform. Expect these two artist to be at their dopest sef when they unleash their bars at their respective album launches some time this year.

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