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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Rundown Slam: WWE Royal Rumble 2017

03/28/2017 09:05:53 PM

Photo credits: Forbes
It's funny how the WWE claimed this edition of Royal Rumble as the biggest rumble of them all. Why? Is it because of the fact that they are celebrating three decades of success off a Robert Patterson's idea? Is it because of the return of the RR to the Alamo City?

Probably yes, but neither do made matter the most. Just except the classic battle between AJ Styles and John Cena for the WWE World Championship battle. That's the most classic thing you can get so far this 2017.

And probably the Universal championship match has proved that Reigns is going on a first of two detours. Thus, ended up being squandered – or screwed – for another red title shot.

It's quite surprising that Randy Orton earned a shot for the WWE championship by winning the rumble battle. At least, on short-shot aspect. Whoever thought that this will apparently lead to the battle between former stablemates? Maybe we have seen them coming but not that obvious for this kind of timeframe.

And probably, a Bayley defeat proved that she is groomed to be the next John Cena of the women's division – a top honcho yet only fit enough to be a typical babyface character. Sad.

That Reigns entrance, though, had managed to pissed a lot of people off. Like really? That apparently appeared like a desperate last-ditch to put Roman as the top names of the E right now.  At first, I thought it was undeserving at will only to found out that this might pave to a new rivalry at works – against the guy we all know as Mean Mark.

It is also saddening that the Royal Rumble became passing the torch of dominant force – for only a brief amount of time; from Braun Strowman to Baron Corbin, from Brock Lesnar to Goldberg; everything appears to be more smaller than cookiebits. Too bad all of these four mammoths did not even class forces against each other at one random point during the match.

Biggest Royal Rumble? Who are you joking?

Verdict: 6.6

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