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Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Scene Around: Pug At First Sight (2015)

01/25/2017 08:41:27 PM

Here's a piece of rewind 2016 for you, guys. No, we'll not gonna tackle those political crappy stuff here (hey, we all want to move forward on that aspect, right?). I know, while I personally geared up to the next level, I admit that blogging has far left behind. So that being said, let's take a bit of lookback to what the past year has offered to us.

Apart from having a big bang month during the early part of September, We Are The Underdogs Productions (WAT UP) had their edition of the WAT UP Mix gig series, and it really comprised of musicians new to my eyes, and it wasn't just like the first encounter like those teeny-boppy chick flicks. 

Pug At First Sight promised a night of discovery, and they actually delivered more than the numerous attendants at Aloha Bar and Grill, with The Maria E, The Lucky Ones, Atomic Sushi, Kokovania, Penrose, Alex Corner, and Lindenwood taking the stage for the first time in a WAT UP gig.  

And probably that wouldn't be the first and only time we will see them in any of this prod's future events, right?

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