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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Scene Around: A Gig Has No Name s01 e01

03/21/2017 08:02:28 AM 

When they announced it way back then, I can already sense that this could be another big thing to take notice on a weeknight gig. Red Ninja Production and Support Your Local Indie Scene promises a set of awesome gigs this 2017. And this, happened almost two months ago, proved they can really do so. 

Forget the title. This one's called A Gig Has No Name. And this proved even some awesome nights doesn't really need an identity to solidify a moment which could actually happen for numerous times in randomly manners.

Though me and my favorite gig buddy General Miss A missed the first band (which is Paranoid City), the night didn't really stop right there for me as we head on to the Metro's favorite live music venue to spot other notable bands (something we heard back in the late 2000s and early 2010s) like Peryodiko and Hilera; as well as hearing other rock bands like Runway Crimes and Tom's Story.

And capping the night is one of my personal favorites Flying Ipis, the band who just launched their album and a music video for their first single almost three weeks ago (as of writing time). It's somewhat refreshing to see this quartet for the first time in barely seven months (well, the last time I've seen them perform was during the Jack Daniel's Indiefest).

That said, expect this collaboration to flourish further take over the weeknight gig scene of 2017. I kind hear their next installment features more variety of performers in lined up to perform at Route 196, and that includes The Geeks, Tonight  We Sleep, Papaeta, Identikit, We Are Imaginary, and BP Valenzuela.

P.S. Shoutouts to Steph Cruz of Red Ninja Production and Algiro Velasquez of Support Your Local Indie Scene! Thank you for having us!

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