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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Rundown Slam: WrestleMania 33 (Part 4)

04/09/2017 10:38:52 PM

Just when we thought about of the WWE Championship as the main event of WrestleMania, we ended up on the wrong path again. They piloted the second half of this five-hour extravaganza with a supposedly-compelling storyline.

But the hype got lost in the shuffle when they focused on the mind games and seemingly has put tha championship stake out to nowhere. While the on-canvas projection appeared to be another part of the show, the creepiness didn't convince me to 'buy in' to this match.

Of course, Bray lost the match as predicted. And that way it seemed Randy Orton has gotten his first major victory in this long-time story between him and the former Wyatt Family patriarch.

But I have a feeling that this is just a start. But I kinda wish that tile will go someone else. Because as much as Bray deserved that win during the Elimination Chamber, it seems that there are no concrete plans for the potentially-next title chase (and that probably speaks on why we will be having a Superstar Shake-up).

Verdict: 6.5

Brock Lesnar isn't just a beast incarnate. He previously lived to his moniker The Next Big Thing and currently taking it – as a conqueror.

He conquered the streak that has been protected for nearly three decades and captivated the world in shock during that fateful Sunday evening at The Big Easy. The next time around, he shocked the world by turning Los Angeles into Suplex City. And the giimmick may be too irritating already, but the attraction value remains high – especially in the recent months when he faced Goldberg in a somewhat a videogame-inspired story. 

And the match may be fast – 15 seconds short of a 5-minute mark; but the action proved how compelling the story is. At the end, we got a perfect 10 Germans, a spear to the barricade, and an incredible leapfrog that spelled the doom for the superhero we knew as Goldberg.

Time's up. We only wish for this guy to stick around a bit while and let the dice keep on rolling on who's next on the Universal Title picture.

Verdict: 8.1

While we just had a bathroom break match #1, another one came along. Oh, no. We are wrong. While this six-pack challenge appears to be another short match, at least there's nothing garbage on witnessing this one.

And seeing Naomi win it in a convincing fashion against the champion has served her purpose really well in her hometown Orlando. Forget the fact that the 6-pack challenge only had 5:35 on the clock. 

However, Natalya's double sharpshooter was a highlight reel of the night, too. That speaks a lot for Bret's niece and her record PPV appearance of 40.

Verdict: 7.9

This is the main event; something either we did not expect or at least had an idea in mind – but didn't really give a shit at all. They brought back Good Ol' JR in this match but turns out this was a move to make Roman strong as a supposedly-face (notice the words “evil intentions” when Taker was about to attack Roman somewhere in the match). 

Why, WWE? Are you guys desperate enough to make Roman as THE GUY?

And it should've been a double-cross in the process. Almost. It came to a point where Roman has been on the attacking end of the match for the last 10-15 minutes. The only problem is that signs of health issues were seemingly evident to put Mean Mark on a very vulnerable status. Okay, I get it: he still kicks out from spear after spear. But is that all? Perhaps, that's part of the storyline on how to weaken the dead man. That might also speaks for why we still have 5+ minutes in his entrance despite not walking along the 80-yard ramp.

At the end, the Big Dog has been successful in pounding the deadman to his grave. Or is it, really? That's how it seems after The Undertaker left his signature get-ups in the middle of the ring.

It was passing-the-torch. Reigns is poised to be the locker room leader. However, with the ill-groomed treatment he got from Vince and his writers, this will be a big problem. 

Somebody was right when he said the main event wasn't a bad match – it was a sad match. A sad match and an even sad ending to close WrestleMania as if it's a closing time for the Ultimate Thrill Ride park. It seems to us that the culmination turned totally different from what they usually offer in the previous years. 

Verdict: 7.5

Mark has now taken the curtain call. The challenge is set for them come April 8, 2018. How will they let the good times roll come WrestleMania 34?

After all the hits and misses, Mania 33 was not a bad show. Not all matches may be spectacular, but most of their storytelling has been a standout. It's just dragging to spend seven hours to watch them all. It wasn't just an Ultimate Thrill Ride. It was an emotional roller-coaster one.

The Verdict: 7.6

Author: slickmaster | © 2017 september twenty-eight productions

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