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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Rundown Slam: WrestleMania 33 (Part 3)

04/09/2017 09:58:11 PM

P.S. I just like the way the frame and Kurt's gesture compliment perfectly.
Just when you thought that we have seen nostalgia enough from the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017, we are wrong. This blockbuster three-way match for the tag-team ladder match turned out into another Fatal 4-way.

And it was probably an instant spoiler when crowd has been chanting “DELETE” while the WrestleMania hosts were breaking the news. But nonetheless their re-arrival become the loudest pop of Mania. And why not? 

Of course, the welcome party ain't gonna spoiled by losing the match. And not just a ladder match, but with a championship on the line. It seems to us that there wasn't even a shade of rust from the Hardy Boyz, eh? And probably the only thing I am concerned with is the landing of Cesaro that has put his foot on the ladder as he went down. Ugh. Plus it's also too bad that the Swanton Bomb only broke one ladder instead of two.

Good promo by Enzo and Cass, one-heck of an entrance from Cesaro and Sheamus, the nothing-spectacular-but-still-remained-dominant performance by the champs The Club, but Jeff and Matt clearly owned the night. No way they did not.

Verdict: 8.3

The mixed tag team match took place afterwards. And seriously it just turned out to be a heck of a publicity stunt which culminated by showing John Cena's genuine love for Nikki Bella.

And while Miz and Maryse did their usual tactics as a heel, this match was nothing but a bummer because of the fact that Mike Mizanin was cheered more than John Cena; and as a performer, the latter did not really do much wrestling. Heck, it might showed gender equality reagrds to exposure and performance, but Maryse can even out-wrestle this couple.

And still, fuck these publicized marriage proposals like this.

Verdict: 4.8

Seth Rollins and Triple H in a non-sanctioned match was good. It was considered one of the best matches for Mania. However, some participants were missing and the airtime could've fit better than being called as the longest of the evening (25 minutes and 30 seconds).

The storytelling was good. I'm sold with the promo. There were indeed a lot of spot fest. The only problem: duration. They maximize the allotted time for too much.  However, I'd like to see what's next after that Triple H bump to Stephanie McMahon – to the table.

It's good that Seth still used the Pedigree as a finisher. However, the Phoenix Splash should've made more sense as one.

Verdict: 8.9

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