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Monday, April 10, 2017

To Stay or Not to Stay?

04/09/2017 06:57:18 PM

As of this moment. I just had my second mug of a large hot chocolate, something that has been my norm whenever I hang out at some coffee shops while doing a lot of my stuff. Well, I just hope some don't find my slight head-bumps on notice as I work with music in the background (which in this case, my headphones).

Going to coffee shops in a given free day has been a some kind of habit for me as a blog writer who hardly finds time in a busy week. And often I go to shops which doesn't only have Internet connection (and somewhat not really a huge deal), but offer good kind of drinks and cozy atmosphere that could make me productive and rebound from what is lost from the usual working days' grind. And that will also require me (of course) to shell out a hundred and order whatever kind of hot drink I want, and it's fine. Because that's how should life be in the first place.

It's like a portion of people (mostly, yuppies) who stayed for relaxation of the mind, and also making it as a past time.

However, since everyone has their business during their stay at coffee shops, would you fuck off and mind your own? Just except for this issue that has surfaced all over my news feed for this weekend. Sorry, I just can't help but to make comments about this.

There's a viral rant saying that students shouldn't stay at coffee shops because studying should be done in libraries; some-thing I agree on (and I mean to hyphen the word instead of conjoining them). 

In a time where lifestyles undergo a lot of changes from time to time, the word “sensitivity” should be existing at the same time. I get what he tried to pertain that everything should fall into proper places. Maybe it just so happened that not all people can really afford to go beyond one cup of coffee or a pack of sandwich in addition; and that is natural. You can't require everyone to take at least two orders in a single transaction in a coffee shop just for their respective personal consumption.

The thing is, a large population of coffee shop goers are either young professionals, startup persons, or students who devoted their time for studies and work while sipping their beverages in a setup where their brain works than anywhere else. 

But instead of berating people as 'cheapskates' and lamenting in this such shallow discussion, I think we should propose solutions. How about a certain space intended for study areas (which are quite less spacious than those intended for the real ones)? Sounds simple as segregation, right? Having more people patronizing a coffee shop can be a good problem, too, as it possibly calls for an expansion soon (unless you have no plans to do so, but come on).

Be considerate to others, too. Just because you stay in a coffee shop the entire day doesn't mean you will only order a single drink while you do your thing. And the only exception are: (1) when you are a slow-sipper, and (2) on a very-tight budget. And don't stay too long if you don't intend to purchase something there (and at times, work).

And instead of ranting your brouhahas, you better be thankful that these students are in your coffee shop to stay and order drinks, too. You can only do otherwise if they didn't even order a single mean in your stall (now that's really unfair).

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