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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Eve Alai links with Naomi G to create the dark pop banger, Who? (Ah Vio)

12/04/2020 09:48:57 PM

Eve Alai has recently made another collaboration that produced dark-sounding house music.

The Singaporean electronic producer teamed up with dark pop songstress Naomi G to do Who? (Ah Vio), a crossover track that depicts the dark side of losing ourselves in the new digital age.

A confident attempt to flood the virtual clubs with smoke-and-lasers treatment, the thumping pop banger touches on controversial topics that don’t normally permeate contemporary dance music. 
“Although the song deals with something dark, it holds the positive message of breaking out of technology addiction in order to explore one’s full potential mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally,” explained Eve Alai.
Just like her previous works, Naomi’s vocals stand out on this propulsive track, losing herself in the digital sheen while reclaiming her agency to speak out about the things that matter to her. 
“Also, Naomi’s voice isn’t the usual type of voice you hear on a dance record,” added Eve Alai. “I am happy to be pushing the envelope in terms of my sonic palette.” 
Following this release by Umami Records, Eve Alai's 6-track debut EP will be released in 2021, while Naomi G’s debut EP is also scheduled for the same year.

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