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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Rundown Slam: AEW Revolution 2021

03/14/2021 09:24:48 PM

All Elite Wrestling proved why they're the best US alternative to the... well, you know who. For 8 times out of 10, its recent reiteration of Revolution PPV delivered nothing but all the exciting action.

Well, yeah, it's nearly flawless. The ending just flunked big time and we thought the main event was all and pure hardcore shit that we need to see as wrestling fans for a very long time. Of course, Jon Moxley poked the fun out after the sudden face turn of Eddie Kingston nearly turned out to be a comedy blunder thanks to the sparkles that made Robin more explosive than this promotion.

But all jokes aside, the main event did a whole lot of splendid work to live up to its expectations. Kenny Omega certainly plotted something excellence on the physical match structure, while the guy whom we have once known as Dean Ambrose once again proved why he's a goddamn freak.

Come on, that main event wasn't that bad, it almost looked similar to how WWE books their finishes in PPV but it's not even at the worst-tier.

I mean, as a Sunday night wrestling event, AEW Revolution got its worth, from Christian's arrival, a solid opening match, and the more brutal women's championship contest, to a whopping eye-candy cinematic match between Team Taz against Sting and TNT Champ Darby Allin.

Like in what fucking universe was the last time we saw such absolute madness? Hey, we're not just talking about camera work and drone shots here.

Well, some matches turned out to be best even if it looks like we have seen a lot in just a certain amount of time. The problems of having an overload of wrestling moves and extended storytelling can be really a drag sometimes, especially the fact that this show ran for nearly four hours. We could probably imagine how long Double Or Nothing would go by May, eh?

The Verdict: 8.6/10

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