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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

All-Star Embarrassment

03/20/2024 12:16:18 AM

Photo credits: NBA on Yahoo! Sports

I know, it has been a month since we have seen the 73rd NBA All-Star Game live from nowhere but at the homecourt of the Pacers itself, the Gainsbridge Fieldhouse. 

Wow, seriously? Not even in the larger Lucas Oil Stadium, which they built an LED board court which may look aesthetically appealing but ridiculous at the same time? Boy, that was a bummer. Why bother putting up the side events at the stadium in the first place? That definitely made it look like a disappointing weekend, especially with only 17,251 people able to watch that live.

Or probably a bit mixed, since I'm glad Commissioner Adam Silver returned the East vs West team formats back after seven years, along with Elam Ending; with the objective of bringing the competitive fire among its players.

Too bad, we didn't have that. While I'm a fan of high-scoring ball games, scoring 389 collective points – 211 by the Eastern All-Stars – is just too much for 48 minutes of lackluster defense and showing off buckets from either long distance or fancy air plays. It was so disappointing that I turned off my television during the third quarter and wander, “Am I watching an actual game or another NBA 2K simulation?” 

Sure, everyone wants to score. I love that. But you have to make it work like how it should be? Offense versus defense. And clearly, we haven't got that one. It was more of an All-Star Showdown than an All-Star Game. Where's the fucking defense?

And if you're a professional player at any league, don't try to tell me (or us) that All Star Games aren't meant to be taken very seriously. If fans are turned away from an abysmal result, what more if observers and even scribblers? That isn't a pretty sight at all. Forget they have a rating increase of 26 percent because the game was so unwatchable that even known fans of the game would call it either farce, irredeemable, or travesty (or whatever adjective you may come up aside from atrocious).

Too bad for Silver. While he made some drastic moves for the better, the results came up far worst to the extent of his begrudgingly awarding ceremony to the winning team and its Most Valuable Player (his first), Damien Lillard.

How can he fix this further? Or rather, does the NBA need for an All-Star Game, moving forward?

Although the latter would have an obvious 'yes' for an answer, that remains to be seen either way, especially with European domination at the sport that's been best dominated by the Americans for so long; along with erratic officiating which bites the league in their ass and being called as 'soft'.

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