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Wednesday, May 30, 2012



I just can’t imagine how the San Antonio Spurs made another stunning run at the game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against a perennial contender named Oklahoma City Thunder.
They won 19 straight, something that is quite not familiar to the team that had been relying on the key veterans. Maybe experience helped them winning it.

I have to admit, when these two teams about to squared up in the said stage, I have to pick the younger Thunder squad over Spurs. Hmmm…. maybe because they can outrun the defensive team and not to mention, Kevin Durant scored in various and even mysterious ways. How many times have he nailed a game winner despite the outstretched arms of his opponent? How athletic can he be when he gets banged up in the air and still throws it down? Wow.

Playback: Loonie – Tao Lang

05/29/2012 10:24 AM

Honestly, I don’t know why the hell I am making another review. From rap battles to a movie and now to one of the songs that I am having a so-called Last Song Syndrome. And maybe I’m jumping the hip-hop bandwagon after this song had struck into my mind for some time lately. Well, who cares anyway? I used to dig rap since childhood.

Loonie came up with a new album after huge hits in his FlipTop battle videos turned him from an underrated star into a perennial battle master with undefeated on his individual record, and still competing with another legit star Abra on dos por dos tournament. And one of its tracks that caught my attention is “Tao Lang.”
Well, forgive me for raping the playback button after hearing this track which he has collaboration with RnB star Quest entitled Tao Lang for the first time when I was browsing around YouTube lately.

Second single after “From Saudi with Love” featuring AJKA’s female vocalist, Tao Lang speaks different. Maybe that is the type of the song that I wanted to hear for most of the time. Something that tackles human nature and the story behind, err, something that can motivate me to do something (nah, maybe the same title of Michael Jackson or Kyla track but I’m more pertaining to the meaning).

So, I took the free download off the website and tried listening to sometime.
Each stanza has its own different story. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Going gaga on Lady Gaga?

Hindi ako fan ng popular na musika, pero hindi ko rin maituturing ang sarili ko na “hater.” Teka. Isang pasada muna sa mainit na gaga.

Kamakailanlang ay naging mainit ang pangalan ng international artist na si Lady Gaga matapos akusahan ng iba’t ibang mga grupo at personalidad na tila “Satanic” daw ang nasabing mang-aawit. Ayon sa isang post na nahanap ko sa Facebook, pinopromote daw ni Lady Gaga ang kanyang album na “Born This Way” na tila naghihikayat di umano sa mga tagapagtangkilik nito ng imoralidad sa sekswal na aspeto. (source:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Salpukan sa NAIA

05/17/2012 | 12:21 p.m

Kaya pala nagtataka ako kung bakit nagtrend ang pangalan ng nakaktandang utol sa Twitter nung araw na yun.

May 6, 2012. Linggo ng tanghali nun, sa Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, may magulong insidente na kinasangkutan ng isang mamahayag at mag-asawang artista.

Napakagulo nga lang ng mga istorya para malaman kung sino talaga ang nagpasimuno ng komosyon, bagtamat sa isang kumalat na bidyo sa YouTube, pinagtulungan di umano ng grupo ng mag-asawang Claudine Barretto at Raymart Santiago ang beteranong mamahayag na si Ramon Tulfo. At ang mga pinakaugat ng insidente? Ang reklamo ni Claudine sa isang staff sa Cebu Pacific at ang pagkuha ng mga litrato ni Mon sa nasabing pangyayari.

Napakakumplikado lang para maikwento bagamat mas lumala pa kamo ang sigalot pagkatapos ng isang napakainit ng Linggo ng tanghali nun.

Everyone chokes.

Let’s face it, people of the NBA fan community. Everyone chokes.

I think every playoff time there will be a player who will step up their game level at the start, but to falter in the end. After all, they were human. Not everyone’s a perfect athlete that will guarantee wining games and championships at will.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When a bull lost its rose.

Just a piece of observation on the series though I never witnessed everything game per game.

When Derrick Roses loses himself to injury at the very first game of the 2012 National Basketball Association Playoffs, it changed the fate of his team and the entire competition on the Eastern Conference.

Chicago Bulls was known for a championship contender before, especially when they had their MVP on their lineup. They even win games during the time he’s at sick bay though. But the fact that this is playoff time, the intensity level rises, players mature even and every one’s fighting at a higher risk.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ang Ugat ng Mga Tunog na Kabaduyan

01:45 PM | 05/05/2012

Sa panahon ngayon, madalas mapapansin mo sa radyo ang mga ganitong bagay. Musika na ang genre ay love songs, novelty pop, at kahit papano’y may halong r-n-b at rock, pati na rin ang dance music na ibang-iba sa mga tipikal na trance at house music. Isama mo na dyan ang mga contest sa radyo, sponsored na events, mga practical jokes, at mga DJs na ibang iba na sa mga tipkial na napapakinggan natin noon.

Memories Of An Old Summer Love

05/13/2012; 07:30 a.m.

March 31, 2007. It was then a sunny Saturday afternoon, just 2 days after my high school graduation. A kind of feeling that says “Yes! I’ve finally get over the hump.” Well, at least, for a while I did. My parents set us up a graduation party at our other place in Bulacan because 3 of us 4 siblings did already graduated from a certain level of schooling (with the eldest finishing Tourism course in college, me on high school, and the youngest at pre-school). But out of all the guests that my parents invited to come, there’s this certain girl whom made me felt something better for the first time in my life. I even thought that I could be infatuated then since relationships started from that aspect anyway (even if at some cases, things ended up making love at his or her bed). Yes, I’ve fallen in love.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Disiplina vs. Demokrasya

05/07/2012 12:32 PM

Minsan naisip ko ito: "Ang kalaban ng DISIPLINA ay ang DEMOKRASYA." 

Bakit? Ewan ko. Napakakumplikadong suliranin lang naman. Dulot ng magulong sistema, at sobrang layang mga mamamayanan. Hindi matantsya kung saan sasakto sana ang lahat para tumino naman tayo.