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Monday, December 30, 2013

Bustin’ Blocks (The Notable WWE Matches in 2013)

12/13/2013 3:37:04 PM

I first wrote this shit a few days before the last most-awaited electrifying showdown in Houston, Texas. However, I might update this thing soon, or maybe I’ll work on a part two to cope up with the other fights that I personally missed watching due to low reception of my free TV channel here at home and unavailability to access the other clips on the internet as well.

Okay, I might be a toughie. But I have to admit, my elementary classmates were even tougher than I do if we’re talking about knowledge in the sport of wrestling, the entire World Wrestling Entertainment and its superstars.

And it’s only this year when I managed to have some time watching the huge events on free TV, just like the old days when Channel 9 is still doing the boyish, if not equally-gendered broadcast programming. Yes, thanks to my now-defunct Cherry Mobile unit that has a free TV feature, I can managed to catch a thing on Studio 23 during its WWE broadcast.

But I’ll also give credit to my father for he granted our wish for more sensible programming thru Destiny Cable. Yes, in case you still rant “Why for the motherfucking hell sakes, the Smackdown is not airing on our local TV?” I can only give you an answer: Try FOX channel – I mean the Philippine version (it’s different from Fox Filipino).

Nah, forget the “scripted” reason though; I’ll say these are the best battles I have seen in the world of sports-entertainment known as WWE.

The Rock versus CM Punk (Royal Rumble). I know, everyone used to hate the then-WWE champion. For what reason? Maybe because he was then still friends with Paul Heyman and the SHIELD.  He almost escaped the win when he cheated as lights went off. Oops, not so fast! And presto, the best in the world failed to totally snatch the victory, and Dwayne got away with it and the crown, too.

I used to recall this match as the first main event I have seen for the year. Yes, the Royal Rumble’s nightcap aired at Channel 23 by 2:30-ish in the morning. And if I recall it right, that was technically, a Monday. Good thing I don’t have much errands to do that time.

Six-on-six (The 12-man tag team match held at Smackdown’s Thanksgiving Day episode). Perhaps the only ordinary serving that made into my cake’s layers. You’ll see in this shit the tandem of the most hated trios (SHIELD and Wyatt Family) going up against 6 crowd favorites, and now that includes CM Punk.

It was initially a duo-versus-duo warfare (Goldhust and Cody Rhodes vs. SHIELD’s Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins), until the latter’s Dean Ambrose hurdled from the broadcast booth to stop the possible party on the tag team champions, and until Punk joined the skirmish. The then 6-man battle was about to conclude on Punk’s attempt to seal the deal when the creepy Wyatts stole the scene and the battle’s momentum. And in response, The Uso brothers and Rey Mysterio came to the rescue for Punk and Rhode siblings.

Alberto del Rio versus John Cena (Survivor Series). As much as I found the Mexican’s looks and diction a bit good, (well, don’t get me wrong, brother. I am not a gay, I just appreciate) I personally would pick The Champ over him. Not because he is a crowd favourite – but the mere fact that del Rio can’t take his control for too much? Nah. Despite injuries plagued on his left arm, good thing Cena won.

Triple H versus Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules). Four names are involved, including the Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels and who else but Paul Heyman (who happens to be Brock’s manager). Well, maybe if not for the Hustle’s dirty move, The Game should have been standing with edge over the Asskicker. But you have to like Lesnar’s athletic ability – that guy is a goddamn beast. He can literally break anyone apart if he wishes to. He doesn’t care getting blooded wound or an injured knee, mor even cried like a baby.  Nah, what a shit. But prior to the 2-1 win by Lesnar on their trilogy they collided in a much hyped-Wrestlemania. I’ll tell more about that later on.

Ryback versus John Cena (Hell In A Cell). When wrestlers have gone reckless, and I mean “reckless.” Both Ryback and Cena went totally over the limit, and I’m pretty sure you haven’t saw John doing much demolition job than usual, like the way he spray cans of fire extinguisher. Unfortunately though, this clash ended at draw, where both wrestlers crashed backstage after Ryback’s attempt to put Cena away. Both of them got electrocuted in the lights.

Well, they settled their score in an ambulance match, and both are exhibiting their prime yet again. But it seemed like Cena’s an underdog victor. Well, basically because most of the time he was being whipped by the much larger Ryback.

Randy Orton versus The Big Show (Survivor Series). Latest huge duel resulted from a controversy between the “best WWE superstar of his generation,” and the “world’s biggest athlete.” Well, The Big Show as actually fired, the latter responded with a lawsuit, but drop the charges, explaining that he only wanted to get back into the game, and he got it. And Triple H even granted his wish to go mano-a-mano with the face of the franchise.

However, despite the fact that “it’s all for business,” I found the battle a huge piece of CRAP. Nah, of course, several athletes like The Apex Predator will steal the victory when distractions came out of nowhere. Always a dirty tactic. He managed to survive Big Show’s knockout punch though, after being jabbed in the face big time a few seconds before the surprise.

Royal Rumble title match. The New Year indeed started with a bang. 30 wresters slug it out, and only one remained to be tagged as “The Royal Rumble winner.” Stars and undercards participated, but when the 16th man was called, the crowd hurrahed to their delight – somebody’s coming back… and it was John Cena.
CM Punk versus Paul Heyman and Ryback (Hell in A Cell). He got punked by a “to-the-rescue-from-the-locker-room” Ryback in Summerslam, he almost got the W when he is about to crash his former manager in a handicap match with Curtis Axle. Well, winning over Ryback first proved that no other conspiracy theories can break a man’s fighting spirit to win the game.

And that moment of Heyman climbing up the stage defied the moment EVEN. It’s like, “game over” my friend. Nasty win by CM Punk.

John Cena versus The Rock (Wrestlemania 29). It was the huge and most-awaited battle in Wrestlemania yet again. John lost game in its 28th edition (with his same rival), and everything followed – battles in Raw, divorce, injuries, you name it. On the other hand, The Rock is on a dual-personality role, both wrestler and Hollywood actor (and if I can recall it right, he starred on G.I. Joe’s second instalment before the 6th Fast and the Furious film).

In other words: Cena wants redemption, Johnson wants to prevail his legacy. The match was epic, though the promotional video tells the story more than the battle itself where 80,676 people flocked the MetlifeStaidium to witness it.

Cena was the victor, but the ending was just a sport classy. Yes, as if you are watching a bunch of champions clashing with each other on the NXT. Now that is real sports entertainment for you.
Triple H versus Brock Lesnar (Wrestlemania29).Steph McMahon’s husband returns to the playground after series of breakdowns screwed his friend and father-in-law. Brock hurt HHH’s arm twice, Shawn Michaels’ once, and sent Vince McMahon to a stretcher with a hip surgery. And as for the game, he wanted to avenge them all.

In a 38-minute duel, the two wrestlers crashed on each other, and include the announcer’s table and the steel steps, too. And at the end, the veteran-turned-company executive prevailed. What a gruelling match. Plus Shawn snapped Paul Heyman out of his mind too.

Undertaker versus CM Punk (Wrestlemania 29). Most-awaited clash of the year, no doubt about it. Forget the Slammy Awards. I know, if not the Cena-Rock or HHH-Brock duel, Undertaker-CM Punk was the heaviest thing of them all in Wrestlemania 29. The champion has been stripped off his title prior to the wrestling’s most electrifying stage of the year. And the Undertaker has been undefeated in 20 Wrestlemania matches. Which reminds me, “Hey? I thought HBK was the Mr.Wrestlemania?”

He could even brag about that when he managed to bow Punk on him. All that and despite Punk’s series of disrespecting Mr. Paul Bearer’s urn, and by the way, count the Heyman as Punk’s sidekick too.

I wonder though who will be facing the Undertaker in the 30th annual edition of Wrestlemania? Of course, I’ll pick Kane’s brother’s side.

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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