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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hyped For Fight

12/12/2015 6:08:14 PM

I’ve seen the clips of pre-fight confrontations a lot of times. Perhaps, Jose Aldo vs. Connor McGregor was considered almost one full-year in the making. The so-called biggest fight of the year was supposedly schedule July 10. But due to Aldo’s injury, the plan was shelved, at least. 

Five months later, it’s happening for real. And what makes this fight more interesting is the hype that’s more realistic than anyone who fought at the UFC. And hey, WWE creative peeps, this may not be the wrestling type you guys are handling, but this is how you establish a feud and hype them accordingly! 

One guy may be acting like a jerk, but McGregor as a heel is the real deal. He may have a lot of photo ops with several fans but once he stepped out to the UFC world, he shows why he’s the best fighter in the world right now, handling that interim UFC featherweight champion.

And Jose Aldo may be a champ, but his attitude is the realest. It’s like just because you’re nice-looking doesn’t mean you can never kick asses. That’s why he’s the champ. Have you seen him performing at the octagon? He hasn’t been defeated for over the past ten years. 

ZUFFA must have done a great job in building stories prior to UFC 194.

And the latest staredown might show a bit of a different side, but I’m hoping Aldo can win despite being vulnerable (he’s coming off an injury).

Nonetheless, I’m excited. So Mike Goldberg, I’m waiting for you to shout “HERE. WE. GO!” live on pay-per-view and on worldwide television!

Meantime, here's a poll question for you.

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