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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The (Fantasy) Pre-take: WWE Draft

07/20/2016 06:21:31 AM

Never in my life would I thought of doing this. I mean I could have do so, every year when the basketball leagues held their lottery (but of course, a lot of matters made me unable to do so).

I should be practicing that come the upcoming PBA draft soon. Meantime, shifting from basketball to professional wrestling.

It's been a very long while since the last time we have seen the World Wrestling Entertainment draft their superstars and place them in their respective programs RAW and SmackDown.

And long gone the Authority was displaced after WrestleMania 32, and the new era unleashed despite Shane McMahon unable to win his father's favor of defeating The Undertaker at the biggest Show of Shows ever staged. 

Well, we are indeed at the “New Era” where the McMahon Authoritarian was splitted into sibling rivalry between Shane and sister Stephanie. And things just got interesting when NXT acquired savvy veterans and make them flouring at the E right now. Plus the cruiserweight division has taken place, too.

Seemingly interesting to witness Vince assigned Steph into RAW and Shane onto SmackDown, with general managers also manning the programs. And perhaps this new chapter also entails them into some resemblances of the invasion segments (happening anytime soon), reality TV factors (competition not just in making stories and having talents, but also ratings like the good old Monday Night Wars).

Would that sounds not interesting at all? That being said, let's quit doing the recap. Like most wrestling podcasts and blogs, I might be too late to join the party of drafting superstars on RAW and SmackDown, with six players from NXT joining the party. Just imagine if you're playing the fantasy league games (which is something I do for few times before).

WWE Draft 2016 logo. (Photo credit: Forbes)

With RAW, for obvious reasons of being the flagship program of the company, having the first overall pick, this should go for the Roman Reigns. I know, the guy was suspended for violating their wellness policy. But since it's no secret that Vince is grooming him as the top face of the WWE, might as well hand him the first overall pick and let him go to RAW. After all, his potential rivalry with Stephanie McMahon (as perhaps the Chapter 321784 of the past story) could speak for themselves well. I get it: this might be a recurrence as a downside, but imagine if the guy himself do a CM Punk of leading a rebellion on RAW, that might turn their hatred back on him.

Second pick: John Cena. He is still the franchise no matter what. And since SmackDown is after the superstars by now, might as well take the leadership – and mentorship as well.

Now, include Brock Lesnar in SmackDown. That could send SmackDown's ratings and propel further. After all, he was at RAW since his return in 2012. Though that will be a tough choice; to think Lesnar has been to SmackDown during his first stay with WWE. Which of these two will be his third regular home?

So, for every two picks, RAW will get three, right? That being said, put on Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins into the picture. Why? 'Cause the SHIELD's storyline is still best when they are housed in one show – that is RAW. 

Who's the other one? Put on The Wyatt Family. 

Then, I'll pick the Club on SmackDown – and since we have six draft picks coming from the NXT roster, might as well pick up Finn Balor. So the Club sticks, and it's a perfect faction fight with the Wyatts should the creatives pull it off soon.

The New Day shouldn't been the tag team champions if they want to split them all. So I got no choice but to have them here in SD.

The Undertaker goes to RAW. Though honestly, I dreamed of pitting them with Lesnar as a duo. Too much for fantasy. My pick aslo says Kalisto will go to RAW as well, and Tyler Breeze.

Fandango and Sin Cara for SmackDown. 

Oh, did I missed this? Kevin Owens for RAW. Why? Because why not? Let KO do his own show there! Add Dolph Ziggler into the mix. Considering the latter's showmanship,these two could actually make a good feud, too!

Samoa Joe is my third pick for this RAW batch at this point.

Enzo and Cass should be in SmackDown and that way tey could also make a feud with John Cena. It's kinda interesting to see the duo talkers going heel (or at least make Cena turn heel, pretty please?). 

Baron Corbin should be on SmackDown to grow. Since RAW already owns he Cruiserweight Championship, have the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal go to the blue show.

Okay, we need to give divas – err, women's division (where the hell am I sleeping?) a chance – Charlotte, Dana Brooke, and Naomi on RAW.

Sasha Banks and Natalya on SmackDown. I have a feeling these two will be feuding soon.

Paige on RAW. Talk about the program caring for the management more? Let this two-time champ do her own thing and say “this is my house!” 

Add Rusev and Alberto Del Rio to the mix of this RAW batch, while Cesaro and Sami Zayn for SmackDown will make fans the “destined to fight forever” storyline for quite some time. 

Another (fantasy) draft pick: Tamina Snuka, Bayley, and Nia Jax on RAW. Becky Lynch on SmackDown alongside Sheamus.

And how on eath could I forget Randy Orton? He should be on SmackDown too as they are about to square off with Brock Lesnar for the very first time! Add Shisuke Nakamura for SD and might as well pick Chris Jericho, Heath Slater, on RAW.

Damn it. I don't think I coiuld even finish this thing at all. As looking on the fantasy draft page on, there are 73 enlisted superstars, which seems a grueling task for even a novice player like yours truly.

Maybe I'll just levae it here since it already covered the majority of the current WWE locker room roster. And also, hope for a great SmackDown live event today! (Tuesday evening, Manila time)

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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