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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Flick Review: Ma'Rosa

10/07/2016 01:32:24 AM

I admit. I wasn't really a fan of the renowned director Brillante Mendoza nor have seen some of his works in reel form (unless you count the State of the Nation Address as one).

Seeing Ma'Rosa, though, depicted the selling point of majority of the independent-produced films – poverty porn, added with corruption. The neorealst treatment somehow gives what ahs been a horrendous problem of our society in the recent years – that is crime committed by the countrymen and corruption in the part of the government. It was a relationship that has gone cynical – and became more evident with the advent of the administration's campaign against illegal drugs.

Well, Jaclyn Jose's acting wasn't surprising at all, but it shows here why she deserved to take home that Best Performance by an Actress award at the Cannes Festival. And why not?

Maybe they had done better if they shot it in black and white, don't they? But no, the digital approach – though cheap-looking at one point – has taken proper utilization, with different camera lens and angles exhibited. Heck, they looked even more gritty with blood in a colorful frame.

Ma'Rosa proved that if you can't play dirty, you can't survive in this urban jungle. Imagine gambling her life in negotiations against drug-peddling business as she tried to redeem herself and her family just to live as normal as possible. And as I see it, that's where Jose excelled – talk about character being unfolded scene by scene. What you'll gonna do for your loved ones, especially if you're percieved as woman of the world.

Wasn't that ugly but not the beautiful flick I have seen. 

Verdict: 7

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