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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year Ender

12/31/2014 8:25:35 PM

First and foremost, I’ll try to make it short as possible, though you guys knew me for writing novel-ish liked length of posts. And at the moment, it’s been less than four hours before the turn of the year. And since I’ve been struggling to write much lately, I have to let the rush flow in to me in putting up this one. 

When the OPM Rocks The Philippines Ten Years Ago...

12/23/2014 11:30:49 AM

It’s been a decade ago where the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) rocked the entire Philippine music scene, considering the fact that US mainstream (or let’s say foreign, in general) always been the standout among the local music charts.

Yes, the local music scene dominated 2004 wherein the likes of Usher (Yeah, My Boo, Burn), Nelly (My Place), Alicia Keys (If I Ain’t Got You), and even the alternative rock acts such as Maroon 5 (She Will Be Loved), 3 Doors Down (Here Without You) and Hoobastank (The Reason) were household names in Billboard.

I remember printing out pages from those music countdowns of Magic 89.9, 97.1 Campus Radio LS FM and even 99.5 RT, seeing one song in common: Rainbow by South Border.

Yay or Nay? The Shockers, Stunners and Suckers of 2014 (Part 1)

12/30/2014 2:07:38 PM

Honestly speaking, I was in doubt for naming this post Shockers of 2014. I know: every year: news will always shock us, regardless if it runs on the same old shitty cycle or not.

But I beg to digress and I can’t help it. It’s like every year there will be happenings here in the metro, or somewhere in the country, or even around the globe that will wake our consciousness, regardless if it sounds stupid or legit; if it contains shallowness or well-excavated depth; or just because of a prominent name alone. Anyone who’s been scrutinizing all the current events and news should know there are key elements why such stories made it to the communication medium no matter how much we hate it or love it.

I tried recalling most (if not all) of the news that struck us in the year 2014 and gave my take on them as much as I can. If it differs on your point of view, then who cares anyway?

All stories enlisted on this article are arranged randomly.

Monday, December 29, 2014

"Walang Forever" Mo Mukha Mo

12/22/2014 5:50:41 PM

Ano? Walang FOREVER?

E bakit pa naimbento ang salitang yan kung ganun?

Friday, December 26, 2014

Playback: Enrique Iglesias – Bailando

12/21/2014 11:50:32 AM

Photo credits: YouTube;

I’ve always considered Enrique Iglesias as one of the best contemporary Latin Pop musicians, aside from of course the always-hot multimedia star Thalia and former Menudo (and a confirmed one) Ricky Martin. Of course, his music has rocked both the world of Spanish and English languages for over a decade or so. And perhaps I can tell Escape, I Like It, and Tonight I’m Lovin’ You (or the uncensored one which is titled “Tonight I’m Fucking You”) to name a few.

Just over the recent years, it’s always those upbeat tracks which rocked my musical side the most (or maybe that’s just me anyway). This year, that posthumous single by Michael Jackson named Love Never Felt So Good made my year. Now, I’ve got top add another danceable track on that list, and it’s actually a mixture of Spanish pop and hip-hop. Talk about “Bailando,” Iglesias’ sixth single off the album Sex and Love which sent the world into their dancing moves since summer.

Well, the term itself was defined as “dancing.”

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Rundown Slam: NXT Takeover REvolution

12/24/2014 6:36:35 PM

At the event where the World Wrestling Entertainment is switching gears past the Authority Era, the developmental stage had few things in mind: the possibly shifting of supremacy in some kind of revolutionary manner, the entrance of another heavyweight shift in the pro wrestling scene, and the development of other stars...something I’d like to call as evolution.

NXT, the WWE’s developmental firm just had their fourth special episode of the year, and it’s called Takeover REvolution.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Playback: Star ng Pasko

12/02/2014 08:59:19 AM

Perhaps in all the recent Christmas station anthems, I can only come up with a fitting (if not perfect) choice to be part of my every Holiday playlist (aside from those Yuletide-related hits from three of the past decades in Retro 1105.9 DCG FM).

I know. ABS-CBN once made Sa Araw Ng Pasko a big-time seller during the late '90s, thanks to their star-studded pool.

And on 2009, just merely two months after typhoon Ketsana (or locally known as “Ondoy”) brought destruction and even much devastation to the Philippine capitol and nearby provinces, the nation's leading television network brought an idea of life titled “Star ng Pasko.”

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Playback: Finn Balor's NXT Entrance

12/14/2014 5:05:15 PM

For the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing WWE’s developmental program NXT very rarely. And the thing is, its special episodes (their counterpart to those main PPV events) were hardly shown on TV, which made me rely on the internet more than often.

Last Saturday afternoon, as I went to update and download my music files, I checked out NXT Takeover R Evolution on Dailymotion (by the way, I’ll post my take about its entirety later this week), and one of those heavyweight battles (relax, this had nothing to do with title matches) was a tag-team match between a former duo champs and a tandem of international superstars.

And perhaps the most surprising shit of them all is that guy named Finn Balor.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where's the Future?

11/2/2014 1:04:12 PM

(This is a late post.)

So, disbanded na raw ang Smart Gilas Pilipinas, ang naging reprensentate ng bansa sa basketball, matapos ang mahaba-habang biyahe nito sa mundo.


Senyales Na Nalalapit Na Ang Pasko

12/16/2014 8:32:07 AM

Christmas is in the air na nga. At sa panahon na sinusulat ko ito, ay siyam na araw na lang bago ang pinakapaboritong holiday ng marami.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit naisulat ko ito, dahil alam ko na medyo late na rin. Pero anyway, Pasko na nga ba? Oo, lalo na kung ang siyam sa mga senyales na ito ay napapansin mo na:

Monday, December 15, 2014

Surprising Explosives

12/04/2014 05:49:53 PM

(This is a late post.)

So, last week's a bunch of expletives. What the hell am I talking about? This year's traditional Survivor Series match was tagged as the potential match of the year with a lot of twists shown before, and during the contest itself.

Visiting the Science Centrum

12/15/2014 5:17:52 PM

It was a sunny day at the Metro despite numerous weather reports about typhoon Habagat (or locally known as Ruby) when yours truly, along with other invited bloggers, went to the nearby Riverbanks Center as the Marikina City’s premier shopping destination introduced us to their sets of different museums located along the vicinity.

Last of the four stops for the morning was the Riverbanks’ truly own Science Centrum.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

War of Shits

12/04/14 01:39:42 PM

(Ang artikulong ito ay naisulat bago pa nailabas ang balitang Pacquiao vs. Mayweather sa darating na Mayo 2, 2015.)

War of Shits.

Ito lang masasabi ko sa salpukang Pacquiao at Mayweather. Alam ko, maganda sana kung matutuloy ang laban. Ito ang laban na tututukan ng mundo. Ito ang labanang titigil ang ikot ng planeta. Ito ang salpukang magpapahinto ng sasakyan at mga tao mula sa kani-kanilang ginagawa, makakapagpaluwag ng daloy ng trapiko, makapagtitino sa lahat ng mga mokong na mahihilig gumawa ng katarantaduhan at pagiging mapagsamantala sa kanilang kapwa.

Oo, ito nga. In your wildest dreams nga lang.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Spotting On Miniature Models and Nativity Sets

12/13/2014 1:11:34 PM

It was a sunny day at the Metro despite numerous weather reports about typhoon Habagat (or locally known as Ruby) when yours truly, along with other invited bloggers, went to the nearby Riverbanks Center as the Marikina City’s premier shopping destination introduced us to their sets of different museums located along the vicinity.

Next stop was the two-in-one place known as The Spirit of Bethlehem and the Museum of Miniatures.

Inside the Heartist's Gallery

12/12/2014 8:28:20 AM

It was a sunny day at the Metro despite numerous weather reports about typhoon Habagat (or locally known as Ruby) when yours truly, along with other invited bloggers, went to the nearby Riverbanks Center as the Marikina City’s premier shopping destination introduced us to their sets of different museums located along the vicinity.

First stop for the morning was the art gallery of the late visual artist Joey Velasco. Numerous artworks depicting a mixture of spiritual and society-related pictures were featured. The gallery became part of the Riverbanks’ Learning Centrum stalls since 2012.

Sunday, December 07, 2014


11/22/2014 4:04:31 PM

Part of my mind wants to offer, hile the other wants to back out.Pushing like courageous lion despite its frail-looking side.Complicated as its states, unknown are the stakesWhich path to go: Are you gonna stay, or will you take

Friday, December 05, 2014

Marriage Proposals? So Mainstream

8/25/2014 3:48:17 PM

Kamakailanlang (actually, sa mga nakalipas na mga buwan) ay naglipana ang mga video na naglalaman ng mga marriage proposals. At mas dumarami pa yan dahil sa mga sikat na artista mismo ang nagpopropose nito.

O tapos, ano na? Maliban sa naging laman ito ng mga mainstream news outlet, ano naman ngayon kung nag-propose na siya sa kanya? Ano naman ngayon kung na-engage na sila, at magpapakasal na sa mga susunod na buwan/taon/dekada/linggo/araw/oras o ni ultimo minuto?

Hindi naman sa pambabasag ng trip, ano po? Pero sobra na rin kasing nakakaurat ang mga ganyang talakyan eh. At alam ko, mas prefer naman ito ng mga tao kesa naman sa walang katapusang pork barrel scam, at kung anu-anong pautot sa showbiz—sa madaling sabi, nakakagago lang.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Rundown Slam: WWE Survivor Series 2014

12/03/2014 10:14:32 AM

They're all fighting for change. The future lies in their own capability to beat each other. It's all for survival.

While the WWE universe are hoping for a Randy Orton cameo despite his absence from the roster just a few weeks back, the Survivor Series was held on St. Louis, where another historical mark was made for the current storyline, and thus halting the reign of the Authority.