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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sweet revenge for the red lions.

Last year, NCAA fans had witnessed the sudden domination of the San Sebastian College-Recolletos Golden Stags and their temporary stoppage of the possible dynasty-era of San Beda College Red Lions in a thrilling 3-game series of the league that had been moved some play dates due to typhoons occurred in the Metro.

As for this season, the Lions had just made a revenge over them and what's even sweeter? They sweep their 16 double-round elimination games and had an outright 1-0 lead just before the finale had just started (is this somehow a quirk to the rules? at first i didn't get the meaning of it at all.)

Their 2 final games result: SBC blowing SSC-R by an average of 17.5 points.
see more:

It seems MVP had its 2 schools on cloud 9 again. just like the ADMU's blue eagles. Let's see if he could score another personal grand slam again should TnT wins the crown in the PBA

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Just my opinion - Aftermath of an issue: the Manila hostage crisis.

Just my opinion - Aftermath of an issue: the Manila hostage crisis.
By n.d. a.k.a. nestor
08:33 p.m.
It started from a simple city tour and ended up in the night full of tragedy. It was the entire Monday, August 23, 2010 and the stage was at the Quirino Grandstand in the City of Manila, but this is not a drama. It was action and suspense, in fact. But this time, no stunts or what-so-ever props. It’s plain police versus suspect plot and bullets and bloods are everywhere inside the Hong Thai Travel bus that parked on the road occupying the grandstand. Anyone whom had heard the live feeds on radio and saw on television would have been in different and unexplained emotions at that time. And it all boils down to one finish: a disastrous one. A certain Rolando Mendoza hijacked the bus that contained 20+ Chinese nationals whom were touring Manila for the last day of staying here in the country and killed 9 of them after seeing his brother getting arrested (and Greg actually attempts to resist it but to no avail) by the Manila Police District live on television. And after almost two high-tensed hours, he was killed by the MPD’s SWAT team despite numerous failure attempts.
Since then, Hong Kong can’t help to get thru their national’s emotions but to insult our country for failing to secure the human’s safety. They blacklisted the RP the first thing after the crisis and days later sent an insult letter to President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. Then few weeks later, the case was still under investigation through the hearings of Senate. And pointing fingers are shown in any angle of this case.
Well, it’s been some 7 weeks since the tragedy and the issue is hardly seen or heard. But this is just my opinion and the question is: WHO’S TO BLAME? It’s hard to make comments on this though perhaps some of notable choices are.
Primarily the negotiator and this includes the Manila City Vice Mayor Isko Moreno. Well I was wondering why he should put to blame. Maybe because of lapses occurred during the negotiation period and too bad I can’t recall the name of the chief negotiator on the part of Police (since this issue is quite dead already.)
Philippine National Police and Manila Police District. Clearly they should have gone to their trainings better, especially for the people assigned to the Special Weapons and Tactics. No wonder why Filipinos are making fun of them. However, citizens should be blamed too. The police had committed the mistake already, and yet these idiots still make fun of them instead of to feel sorry for the Chinese Nationals. I know there are issues which Filipinos pointed out against Hong, but too bad. It’s not part of the trend anymore. In Filipino saying, “hindi na siya napapanahon.” Ain’t that a bullshit kind?
Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim. Since he leads the city is definitely not a valid reason, but leaving during the crime scene is definitely counted there. However, let the guy speak and clear it. The justice (hopefully) should speak for the truth.
National Government and that includes PNoy. They say Aquino had a part of accountability during the hostage drama since he was the head of the state, and the so-called “command responsibility?” well, he apologized though I believe that there’s somebody who should say “sorry” than him.
Media. Another big BLUNDER (or foolish mistake) aside from the police. It is clear though, they cover the entire story out of their possible scoops, agendas and whatsoever. The police failed to keep the distance away from anyone witnessing the crime scene and “crowd control” was totally not present to the scenario. The media should learn to self-regulate. And by regulating means knowing where to delay the live feeds, be sensitive to the issue, delay delivering the news, etc. As simple as that!
However, I will rather think that this fight is over. Let’s move forward and learn from our mistakes committed so that we may be able not to repeat the bad side of history again, even on the different date and event. And please, STOP POINTING FINGERS AND SHOUT ACCUSING NAMES TO THE OTHER.

Foreign artists’ Manila concerts – a threat to OPM?

Foreign artists’ Manila concerts – a threat to OPM?
By n.d. a.k.a. nestor
10:19 a.m.
Say, it is nice to notice that a lot of foreign music personalities had performed their tours here in the Philippines. You had Beyonce 3 years ago, Maroon 5 and Ne-Yo in their respective performances in 2008, even Katy Perry had done charitable music acts in late ’09. And to notice some icons like Usher in his July concert nearby the Manila Bay, Jay Sean rocking the Big Dome last Sept. 3 and so was the 90s Boyz II Men weeks before; Flo-Rida, Sean Kingston as 2 of the supahfest which features 4 artists in 1 night concert. John Mayer some few weeks ago (after postponing his concert that should had been done by May) and Adam Lambert performing tomorrow night, David Foster’s crew in sometime November, 90s alternative rock act Gin Blossoms in the same month, and many more perhaps that I had forgotten to mention (after all, they’re to many like those rock bands which had took airplay in the 90s and early 2000s). And hey, not to mention the emergence of K-Pop bands here.

Well, it’s good for their respective names and records to reach out as far as the pearl of the orient country like ours. You see people buying tickets despite its skyrocketing rates, rushing to the designated venue and just enjoying the night even if you’re a hundred feet (or even more like a bunch of rows of seats) away from them. However, it will have an effect to the local music industry, though it appears like it’s just a bit. Who cares about our very own Charice if she’s assigned in the States anyway?
Well, we still should be proud that we got a young Filipina out there making her name to the international music industry, alongside Journey’s Arnel Pineda and the Black Eyed Peas’ Allan Pineda Lindo or (no relation to the rock star’s surname anyway) . However, with people purchasing alien music more than our very own, it’s not hard to see why OPM right now is not totally a successful one. Even if you try to check the hits in the website of a video-sharing community named YouTube. And don’t just blame it to the fact that people doesn’t signed up an account with that website. These acts don’t receive much airplay on the radio like the way it was before. And if you don’t believe me, try comparing the times of the mid 2000s to nowadays. This was the time where OPM rock bands got most of the slots on music charts (even outscoring the foreigners’ regardless if it’s rock or rap) like ex-Mojofly’s front woman Kitchie Nadal, Ebe Dancel’s Sugarfree, Sandwich (regardless if Marc Abaya’s running the vocals or Raimund Marasigan that time) to the even pogi rock bands like Hale, Cueshe, to name the few of them. And by the way, I am pertaining to the Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) format stations since the masa-type of radio stations do play OPM for most (and even more songs than them, not bad though on their part though) and not to mention the pop/rhythm and blues group like South Border joining the trend alongside the rap group Dice and K9.
Nowadays, it is like a hell out shit. Though I’m not blaming the man of CHR type of radio stations anyway. It’s just not all people will appreciate our local music much like those days anymore. And I think we should give our ears a little time to hear them before our alien mentality totally put the shit in our brains.

And I don’t know if I get that right… that PNoy had ordered the KBP whom ordered all the radio stations to play at least some OPM songs per hour of broadcast. I’ll say it’s a nice move to hear our local acts once again. (pardon me if I didn’t though)

Remembering The Onslaught (Part 1)

10/09/2010 11:33 AM

It’s been exactly 54 weeks since a tropical storm ravaged the island of Luzon and caused devastation on almost (if not all) every resident of Metropolitan Manila and nearby provinces such as Bulacan, Pampanga, Quezon, Laguna, Cavite and Rizal. 

In fact, Ondoy (International name: Ketsana) was held accountable for at least 710 casualties and 11 billion pesos in damages to property as it crossed the island Luzon, including the nation’s capital. 

It happened after a massive rainfall on 25 September 2009 that has been unstoppable overnight and lasted 'til late evening of September 26. As part of the millions of victims who already told their stories—through personal or social media—here is my share of witnessing the catastrophic day. After all, who would ever think that a tropical storm like that would cause massive flash floods and overflowing the waterways such as the Marikina and Pasig Rivers?

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Battle Review: FlipTop - Dello vs. Target

08/23/2010 10:21 AM 

Perhaps one of the best local language-made rap battle videos I had ever seen.

If you're not a bit of fan of hip hop culture, then you better turn away from this page. 'Cause these two rappers seemed to have the right usage of words whether it's on cussing or just for plain teasing purposes.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Meralco bringing back the old, glory days?

Just my opinion: Meralco in the PBA: an attempt of reviving the old glory days?

by n.d. a.k.a. nestor
11:33 / 11:33 AM

It is confirmed that an old franchise will join the sports league of Philippine Basketball Association after some 4 decades. That news came to life after the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) bought the franchise of now-defunct Sta. Lucia Realty for 70 million pesos.

Also, according to Ramon Segismundo, Meralco's Senior VP's statement in the report by Manila Bulletin, that ex-Purefoods coach Ryan Gregorio will be the coach of the new team. By the way, Segismundo will be the team's overnor

Say, will this move serves as an act of reviving the-now-MVP-owned-team's charm of the 60s and 70s, when players like Robert Jaworski emerged as one of the league's superstars in the MICAA. We'll find that out come this season.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FlipTop: Giving the hip-hop a new, rejuvenated flava?

08/10/2010 05:32:00 PM
UPDATED: 01/19/2020 11:16:00 AM

Say, a rap battle league here in the Philippines had given the hip-hop culture a newer lease on life;  thanks to the Anygma (or Enigma, whichever is right), DJ Lamok, and anyone who organizes "Fliptop."

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Just my opinion: All-Filipino Choker?

Just my opinion: All-Filipino Choker?
By n.d. a.k.a. nestor
23:16 / 11:16 p.m.
Anyway, before reading this, I’ll apologize to the fans of Alaska Aces if I suggest you to turn away from this blog post or you might get hurt reading it and ending up hitting a protest with my name on it.

For the last two All-Filipino Conferences in the Philippine Basketball Association, One team had a very fat chance of winning the conference title and also the same team whom failed to win it all. If you guess any of the San Miguel Corporation teams, well, you definitely got that wrong. If you think about the Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters whom had been drained emotionally after blowing the game series and a walkout? Hey, wrong either. You have forgotten they won the title over this subject topic team I’m talking right now. If Alaska Aces is your answer, well, sad but needless to say you got it right.

I know they won grand slam titles way back in 90s, including the All-Filipino Cup in ’96 and the Fiesta tourney in 2007, but this time around they got a possible addition to their championship history and yet failed big-time. How drastic, huh?

First, in 2009, they were 2-0 against the Smart Communications franchise and even 3-2 (thanks to Willie Miller’s surprising trey in clutch) only to lose out in Game 7 by… yes the same Miller guy whom this time missed free throws in the dying seconds. Perhaps he felt the pressure like never he had before. You can blame the guy if you want at that moment, especially on the high-percentage free-throw shooter like him whom can’t handle things in proper.

And just this past All-Filipino tournament, they topped the eliminations despite failing to swept out the first round but what’s even worse is that you were swept out in the finals after sweeping their opponent in the semifinal series. First, they had a chance to sweep the first round only to lose to then cellar-dweller Rain Or Shine Elasto Painters… and Donald Dulay’s clutch power in the rainbow country. Ironically it was the battle of the first and last-placer of the conference and it was set on November 13, 2009. Talk about Friday the 13th game, huh? (I don’t think it’s somewhat pure coincidence though)

Come playoff time, this really matters the most anyway. The first seed Aces had a long layoff after clinching an automatic semifinal berth and shrugged off any signs of rust when they swept put Ginebra 4-0 in the said round. Apparently, Tim Cone had quoted out after Game 3 (lucky break for us sports writing contestants at that moment) that “3-0 in not a safe lead when you’re facing Ginebra.” Well, let’s move fast forward. Then, it was the finals versus Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants, whom many picked to win the title though at that moment they were the underdogs since they came out through a long, windy road in the playoffs. At 0-1 loss it’s okay ‘coz the Giants will expect the Aces to fight back. Game 2 came and they ended up 0-2 in a controversial call in endgame… Nah, wait a sec! I think that drove them away from winning the title. They blew out their lead and the call leads to controversial question of foul or no foul (I remember seeing tons of comments of it at PBA Radyo’s Facebook account). They almost had the same story in Game 3. Except for the call though, but the “Mr.Thriller” failed to win it again like the old times of ’09 after he failed to knock a runner shot in their final possession. Thus, found themselves in a deep hole 0-3, after blowing their lead anew. And game 4 really show that they had no chance to snatch the title at all after seeing themselves down by double digit within the last 2 minutes of game 4. It seems that these past 2 years, All-Filipino Cup turned out to have a mediocre ending for Alaska. They swept out Ginebra in February 17, and they were swept out by Purefoods 2 weeks later (March 3.) Ain’t that an irony and an upset?

So, for the aces, you may say they choked out in the near end. They choked out after failing to keep their heads in the game enough. But on the other side, they were just humans, and players. No matter how hard or how high the spirits these guys have to win the games and trophies, they will always ending up tired and frustrated ‘coz simply the game doesn’t favors anyone even a superb team like them during that state. There’s a Filipino saying that Bilog ang bola. So, expect more upset results in the playing court, but hopefully (if you’re Alaska Aces fan) not on a winning team like this one. And expect the saying "history repeats itself" goes over and over again...

Just my opinion: Rivals on a political family

Just my opinion: Rivals on a political family
By n.d. a.k.a. nestor
17:52 / 05:52 p.m.

Perhaps this is something that is unusual in the issues of election. Conflicts between father and son who both run for one position: being a representative of legislation district of a city/province.

San Rafael, Bulacan was the venue of this political arena. And the involved people are within a family. They are Ricardo Sr. and Ricky Silverio Jr. Yes, it is kinda surprising though to read one set of paper which tackles the disqualification or as the declaration of a nuisance candidate case of a latter filed by the older Silverio, whom knows as “Tata Carding.” As shown on the Resolution of the Commission (Second Division) of the petition case between the two parties promulgated February 18, 2010.

According to the said document, there were conflicts between the place of residence of the respondent (who happens to be Ricky), saying that he was not residing around the vicinity of San Agustin, San Rafael, Bulacan. Instead, he appears to be living on Makati City, which means that he was not a resident of the province’s third legislative district. This is something I’ll say a valid reason why the case was filed and eventually concluded by a decision and at least, not on dismiss-ion.

Other concern case is the fact that should Tata Carding’s son runs for a congressional position; this would cause confusions to the voters of the said area. I think this is something that usually happened a lot of times over the course of the election period.

However, I’ll just say my take for this: I think it is better to let this issue put to rest and let the family solve its problem by means of the so-called respecting privacy.

2 weird summers...

Summer is the hottest season in a year. And it's even hotter when you're living in a tropical country like Philippines. Last year is such a weird one. Imagine a lot of raining days in a supposed-to-be a sunny season during April and May and only for the Sun to rise its temperature come June to August. But for this year, due to abnormalities of weather that could be much better known as Global Warming plus the El NiƱo phenomenon that started December last year there is no doubt that this could be the hottest summer in a long time span. what makes it even weird is the fact that summer season appears to be started since mid-February, recording at least 32-34 degree Celsius during 9am-4pm span. (or let's say noontime, 11am-2pm). Last Saturday was the hottest temperature recorded in Metropolitan Manila at around 35 degrees. No wonder why I would rather stay at home in a half-naked clothing during noon time. (well, of course, topless!) But news says that according to PAGASA, there will be more hotter days (and some nights in high temp) to come 'til the dry spell ends. Nah, this really comes as a bad news for me especially if you stand in only a second and the next time around your shirt (back) is wet full of sweat. My goodness!

archive: just my opinion : 2009.11.28

first of all, this is my follow-up to my note posted yesterday named as "just my opinion" dated 27th of November 2009.

first... and foremost

what happened last monday was UNDENIABLY the worst violent act done involving three...(i repeat, THREE!) aspects: election, its political counterpart, and the broadcast and journalist media.

imagine 57 innocent civilians were killed in Maguindanao came noon of November 23, 2009. most of it are not really the supporters of a politician. they were actually the communicators itself—the mediamen. perhaps sick of hearing news throwing against them came this such bloodied incident, burying most of the victims down the ground, and even raping the women victims, and even beheading them?! how crap is that? a hundred gunmen threw these 57 lives away?!? isn't it a barbaric or inhumane acts of MAN?!. yeah, right the mastermind was arrested days after it happened, even the investigators were in the STUPID END of the news that they were still confused after all? i suggest to them that they shouldn't be stop working for just EVIDENCE. i know they were doing their job, but better do it even when no other communicators are around 'coz it's just a show-off thing if they were just making faces in front of the camera and doin' nothing afterward.

Datu Unsay mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr. was judged easily, perhaps 'coz he was the political rival of Buluan vice-mayor Esmael Mangudadatu. and later found out that INDEED, he was the man behind these, even if he was not physically present at that incident. perhaps, the people committed a mistake that he was judged earlier, but news and evidences, and not just hearsay, gossips proved it right.

he was brought to jail in manila for further investigation and possible hearings that may happen anytime soon as long as the 7 counts of murder cases will be filed against him coming Tuesday, December 1, 2009. and this brought the threat to the metro as if it may happen again here... (well, i hope it will not gonna happen!).

as far as i have been seeing clips, news stories from all the kinds of medium nowadays, and also to others' respective opinions. i think it is quite-a political tactic. i'm saying these because during election time came hotspots and the political killings since murder was their only way of eliminating their politicl rivals. we had a HISTORY from there and yet if these things were about to kept going from now, i'm not wondering why i could tell that POLITICS HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES SUCKS... DEFINITELY AND NO-EFFINS SUCKS!

mayor ampatuan, if proven guilty for that matter should be punished to death!

and so was his clan for banging the residents of davao city, disturbing their silence with their aura of being "siga" of the city. no doubt about it! being violent to your constituents will not definitely help you to in the game in the political arena 'coz in the first place, you're elected there at the seat, which means you're not only a leader and a model but also you are only a servant of the people! by all means! the power of the government still lies in the citizens (well, unless somebody changes it though) of the country. and if ampatuan will be punished, i just wish it should be the heaviest penalty that the victims could really afford for them to have justice awarded to their killed relatives or friends. he is such a barbarian, better fuck him away from the politics spotlight! he may not done anything in physical with his 57 victims but the fact that he was the mastermind... it was indeed his plan to eliminate his rival and have the others' vote for him as if he was feeling to be capable of running for it. too bad, this guy should be killed by means of death penalty.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Realizations and ambitions (Learned a lot but I’m craving for more.)

Realizations and ambitions (Learned a lot but I’m craving for more.)
By n.d. a.k.a nestor
22:52 / 10:52 p.m.
Forgive me if you think I’m boasting out here though. Over the past three years, I think one of my expectations is something that I had already achieved. I had said to myself that this course will help me explore lots of talents to myself. And over that stretch, I had just realized that I have a lot of opportunities in this field, regardless if you’re landing to the media or not. It was during my first year when I was experimenting with some of my owned VCDs of old school NBA and some mp3s I downloaded during the summer before. And even if it’s just a windows movie maker program that I used, I never expected a good remark from my good old friend in Earl Payumo. However, I missed doing that though.
Next thing is I learned how to do sports writing. During one of my works in my early English classes I received a good note about me being a possible a good sports writer. Gosh, I never expect this either.
Though I don’t really know if some of my good college friends are just trying to boost my ego or just insulting by means of saying any compliments (laughs) but one of these peeps told me that I should try hitting AM instead since my voice suits there and continue writing about sports. Hmmm, at some point, they are right. Well, just in case I failed to hit a student DJ auditions’ again maybe I should learn from that point (though I will still pursuing to hit either Monster Radio RX 93.1’s Radio1 or Magic 89.9’s Junior Jocks, or at least somebody tells me what are the other radio stations that are doing the same program as theirs). I just hope that I don’t sound like the SOCO guy much once I went there, he he he!
It is already time for finals requirements here, and one of those is making a short film. At this point even for a minute or two, I’ll try to make it to the point that maybe I can be a good director, if not the best one yet. Well, same for writing I should explore other worlds of that business aside from sports and news. And even web design, something that I had been experimenting since I was at grade 5. Same with audio mixing, whew, and even photography though I never used any other camera than a digital camera though thanks to an alumnus-slash-friend of mine whom gave me some words of a critique… este, inspiration (laughs). Darn, parang ang dami kong alam ah, at sa malamang, may magsasabi nyan sa akin bago pa nya mabasa tong naka italicized lines na ‘to.
How I wish I could really say my plans for my future once I graduated from Mass Communication. However, I need a lot of drive to drive a bit of laziness away from me. Here are my tentative plans though. First when I graduated, I’ll look for work, obviously though I really want to landed out to a FM radio station in Manila but if didn’t happen it’s okay though I’ll make sure for a short while I’ll be there someday. Then I want to take any of these three courses: fine arts, sports science or information technology once I earned enough to send me off to school anew since I live with arts, media, sports and technology on my surroundings. And put up some business (though maybe I should learn business management first either) like a bar and a production house… sheesh! How I wish I could’ve done that like 15 or 40-ish years from now, or at least a longer time before I go. Say, Kamikazee’s “Ambisyoso” was a better theme for this entry, eh? (laughs)

Just My Opinion: Why Vote?

03/19/2010 10:24 PM
(updated: 5/12/2013 | 4:02:57 PM)
I know. I am neither a commentator nor even a legitimate advocate. But this is just my opinion about why we, the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines, should do our part in exercising the right of suffrage. 

Yes, despite all the badmouthing we heard from the all corners, or even on the media regarding the government and their wrongdoings.

Just my opinion: New York’s attempt to land 3 all stars?

Just my opinion: New York’s attempt to land 3 all stars?
By n.d. a.k.a. nestor
22:22 / 10:22 p.m.
This summer, expect a lot of star players to be as free agents. As what I saw on their list, 3 of them are Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James, Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade, and Toronto Raptors’ Chris Bosh, whom were all part of 3 of the top 5 draft picks of the star-studded NBA 2003 draft.
From last season, around a lot of teams were expressing their wishes to lure LeBron on their team should he failed anew to win the title (his first try in 2007 finals was a big failure when they were swept out by Spurs.) there’s Detroit Pistons whom even got an expensive playa in Allen Iverson, New Jersey Nets which owned by James’ friend by the rapper Jay-Z. But the team whom had been dying to do everything was the New York Knicks. James had been asked and answered a lot of times throughout this controversy. However you can’t just rely on his answers for which were I don’t really know if he did answer the question “Will you be staying in Cleveland or go to another team” right.
Dwayne Wade on the other hand might think of leaving Miami some other time. Well, that’s if he really wants to team up with his best friend in James. Well, the Heat had been doing well so far after its disappointing season 2 years ago by which the team even failed to reach 20 wins then. And Pat Riley will do everything to make their franchise player stay, aside from landing a mixture of young guns and veteran role players in the roster. Rumors had been spreading if Amare Stoudemire, another top free agent will land to Miami but it is out of the topic anyway. Should the Flash and the King leaves their respective teams, it seems NY has a fat chance of signing them up. After all, they had a much bigger amount of salary cap came July 1 and they may even give up their other players for them.
I personally don’t know if Chris Bosh still attempts to look for a better future but his team’s doing great. Save the franchise numbers for him, I know they will have another shot in the playoffs. Well, I’d rather give my friend Mr. Paul Robert Lachica a word for this.
Nah, it’s really hard to make predictions if any of the possible 2010 free agent class will stay on their respective clubs or look for a better one. But whatever happens, it will be always on the papers the next day around. For Donnie Walsh’s crew, good luck ‘coz even if you had a fat chance of winning big shots by landing any of these 3, there will be always a stiff competition following around especially in the league full of talent, glamour and money.

Just My Opinion: Now or Never for LeBron, Cavaliers

03/16/2010 | 02:41 a.m.

The Cleveland Cavaliers for the second straight season got no excuses for winning the championship if it fails to do it so again.

Superstar LeBron James had a cast of reliable anew in Shaquille O’Neal (whom they got last Summer) and Antawn Jamison (before the February Trade deadline).

That's aside from having Maurice Williams from last season’s sign up, and Delonte West (the only player remained in the roster that came from a massive 11 player deal in 2008).

Ben Wallace had gone after the disappointing finish in 2009, perhaps due to his failed assignment to defend either Dwight Howard or Marcin Gortat in the East Finals last late-May and to his injuries as well.

Maybe they could rely now in in Daniel Gibson, their role player whom had been playing at the superb level in 2007 playoffs during his rookie season. Well, it lasts ‘til the guy was slowed down by injuries the following season. Another is the always the recipient of James’ passes – Anderson Varejao.

This guy nowadays has been hitting double-double in statistics. However, his hustle plays count the most, though it doesn’t always get listed at that paper.

Defense had their key since Mike Brown had arrived to the Wine City squad, but that proved to be the big question mark at times when they fail to win their playoff series. Perhaps it’s because they’re facing a defensive (err…) or a good team whom playing defense really well like the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics, and (dare I say) Orlando Magic.

One thing that this team is sorely lacking of is the field goal shooting of their power forward position.

Center Shaquille O’Neal may be older right now but at least if he returns from the thumb injury, he will be a force to reckon once again. He knows how to be in the situations of playoffs the most. But the one thing that exception for this however, was shooting free throws in clutch once the opponent resorts to Hack-A-Shaq strategy.

Jamison can really fill in the gap of a “four” guy, something that at least a solution to a problem that's really lacking in the Cavaliers.

Donyell Marshall has the capability to shoot from outside, but he lacks more of inside game to balance it up. Varejao may provide the hustle and defense part, he still lacks the much offensive fluid from mid range beyond so which means is still unbalanced enough.

Drew Gooden almost had it all (well I believe he really had it) until he went aboard to Chicago in exchange for Big Ben.

Antawn is a 20-10 guy who can be another recipient of possible Lebron James’ assists should the latter do the playmaking role again. JJ Hickson is coming close to that level of Varejao’s. Jawad Williams is doing a great job of filling the spot if James is on the bench. He can be a knock down shooter and can crash boards on defense and can take it to the rim as well.

Well, it’s really now or never time for the Cavs. ‘Coz if they fail again, they might lose LeBron come July 1, 2010… and even the entire winning tradition of their team that undergone a big transformation when the king arrived there.

(c) 2010 september twenty-eight productions

Just my opinion: after the event

Just my opinion: after the event
By n.d. a.k.a. nestor
02:28 / 02:28 a.m.
Say, the Philippines had just celebrated another victory in sports when Manny Pacquiao won over unanimous decision over the Ghanaian opponent in Joshua Clottey. Thus it seems failing for the part of the challenger to steal one of the seven belts of Pacman. However, for at least I am agreeing with Mr. Dennis Principe’s insight about the fight through his status in his Facebook account, that at least the Clottey guy’s must be lucky to survive Pacquiao for not being another victim of knockdown wins of the pound-for-pound king. But if things pretty seems that way, it only means that Clottey is such a strong fighter with his strong body under its good and (yes, I’ll say it again) undergone strong conditioning before fight comes along. The decision win snaps the knockout streak of Pacquiao in three boxing matches over the 16 month stretch. On the other side, you might think like “parang binayaran lang yung laban na y an eh”… like my sister does said after the fight. However, it’s up to you and let’s just go on make respect to one’s opinion though. Man, if that Ghanaian fighter is really… you know, really strong I’ll say he got a long way to go. At least he’s not the type of like-Pretty Boy whom faces inferior opponents in exchange of better winning records and backing out when he faces some bullish-type opponents like the Filipino does have (so far).
One thing that perhaps seen the most is that the champion was always going aggressive at the offensive end throwing punches to the challenger. But once Clottey attacks however, stuns t Pacquaio as he fails to cover up on defense as fast as he could. But Pacquiao threw a lot of punches and hits proved to be costly for Clottey’s part the most. 11 of 12 rounds’ scorecards were awarded to Pacman, which means the champ really was scoring the most than his enemy.
But should Clottey wants a rematch? Oh, I think Pacman should be more careful this time.