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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Seven Hours

1/22/2016 7:48:03 PM

What can you do in seven hours?

Flick Review: Lakbay2Love

1/30/2016 5:40:04 PM

Of all the stories of the romance-driven (at at times, oligarchs) movie industry, Lakbay2Love tells a formula involving stories about searching for answers on self, romance, and for the changing times in our environment. Raising bars on consolidating multiple subplots and conflicts in the process.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Yay or Nay? 2015's Trends and Shockers (Part 1)

1/28/2016 7:37:46 PM

It’s been a roller-coaster ride (as always) as long as the Earth revolves in a 365-day stretch. From January 1 to December 31, we here in the Philippines have seen a lot of a sudden turn of events which leads us into various perspectives as we see it.

With that being said, here are some of the top news which may or may have been shocked us, trended more in our consciousness list, and moreover left an impact on out intellectual side of life.

The Scene Around: Silakbo MV Launch

1/17/2016 1:14:10 PM

There are so many gigs during Saturday, 16 January 2015. You have the rescheduled Rakrakan Festival at Circuit Makati, Terno Inferno at the famous SaGuijo, and a cover night that served as a prelude for an upcoming concert by the trio of Bullet Dumas, Ebe Dancel, and Johnoy Danao.

And also, there’s a music video launch for the upriser called MilesExperience, and it was held at Mow’s bar in Quezon City.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Playback: Jensen and The Flips - Dangerous

1/22/2016 7:17:21 PM

Perhaps it’s not surprising why Jensen and The Flips is considered one of the notable names in the scene right now. You got a talented musician in Jensen Gomez himself, plus you add a people who can do baby-making music in such a very impressive mixture of soul, alternative, rhythm and blues, and even Motown pop.

Their 2015 album Honeymoon proved them all. And imagine having four singles to date; that includes their latest one called Dangerous.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WWE Royal Rumble 2016

1/25/2016 12:08:17 PM
Photo credits: Wrestlezone
The 2016 WWE Royal Rumble has just got more royalty with its new logo and presentation, though of course the stage set-up still sucks since Payback 2014. But hey, I think we are about to be treated in a special storyline presenting the current poster boy Roman Reigns.

Well, I kinda wonder: this should have been made earlier since WrestleMania 2015. But anyway...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Scene Around: Revolution Baby Productions EP Night

1/10/2016 1:08:08 PM

I was supposed to hit by a gig last Friday night only to end up sleeping at the sick bay due to almost-a-week long colds. All that despite having invited by two Facebook friends at the indie scene.

This past Saturday, though not totally feeling well, still swing by Route 196 for an EP launch and at the same time, my first gig for 2016. And it’s called Revolution Baby EP night.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Scene Around: Kaleidoscope

12/27/2015 11:45:49 PM

Barely three months ago, after watching Heneral Luna at a mall in Manila, I decided to jump to another coast after seeing a poster containing some of my favorite bands in one night: Jensen and the Flips, The Ransom Collective, Cheats and even Anj Florendo. The event was situated at Mow’s bar, just at the basement of the famed Kowloon House branch at Matalino Street, Quezon City.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Playback: Assembly Generals (ALBUM)

1/10/2016 2:48:03 PM

When my friend Ian of Vandals on the Wall once said 2015 was the year of the Philippine hip-hop, I won’t be surprised at all. And I’m not talking about who won FlipTop Isabuhay tournament here or how many chicks were added on Abra’s fans club.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Scene Around: Heneral Luna DVD Launch

1/10/2016 9:36:06 PM

Following the success of its Heneral Luna, Artikulo Uno Productions held an event in cooperation with Megaworld Lifestyle Malls where everyone can now buy the copy of the movie in physical and original product.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Scene Around: Mind Money Circuit EP Launch

12/19/2015 11:08:07 PM

I first remember Gab Palanca when they played at Docdef 93 last August 1 at SaGuijo in Makati City. Heck, he even played for Anj Florendo’s band a night before. 

And just prior to attending, I was then-not quite sure if I will attend an event considering I’m facing a circumstance where I have to deal with priorities. (Adult duties, you know?)

And four months after, they had their EP launch at Mow’s bar in Quezon City. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Inside the Pages: Heneral Luna The History Behind the Movie

12/29/2015 11:15:48 AM

Photo credit: Anvil Publishing

Book-to-movie adaptations is undeniable part of the pop culture right now. An entire book translated into a single screenplay (or a series of screenplays) that was perhaps not just a culture norm of entertainment, but a marketing tool to a merchandise is so evident that people usually generates array of feedbacks regarding to it.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Scene Around: DOCDEFY III

1/10/2016 8:26:54 PM

Docdef Productions celebrated their 3rd anniversary with a gig that is quite a fitting one to cap 2015. Most of the best and up-and-coming musicians performed at Docdefy III happened 29 December 2015 at Route 196 in Quezon City.

Weeknights to Remember: SlickMaster's Memorable Gigs of 2015 (Part 2)

12/31/2015 3:00:36 PM

The post was supposed to be named Fridays and Saturday Nights to Remember only to realized a few things: first, gigs are happening every single weeknight; second, most of them aren’t even planned by yours truly to attend; and third, I have been to almost 70 gigs for 2015.

2015 has been a heck of a good year for me as I discovered Philippine music anew -- and it broods at the place where minority of people knows -- the independent scene. Over the course of time, I attended about 50 events starting from a random night out that happened 24 January 2015 at Route 196. I was then supposed to watch my college friend whose already a musician.

And since then, the Philippine independent music scene became another world conquered by yours truly. I became part of a production group; I was posting anything about gigs for most of the time; and indie music also served as a venue for me to grow as opportunities came from out of nowhere -- be it writing or anything else like photography and videography.

Fast-forward to the year-end, despite attending the last one or two music events of this year from small-time gigs to the big or concert-level ones, I can say I had a lot of memorable evenings. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Scene Around: The Rest is Noise Yearend

12/20/2015 4:26:48 AM

Well, after hitting the EP launch of Mind Money Circuit, yours truly hit up Route 196 (well, for the second time, actually) that evening for another heavyweight night from Vandals on the Wall.

The Scene Around: Oh, Flamingo! EP Launch

1/10/2016 3:08:31 PM

Perhaps one of the bands who emerged the most this 2015, Oh Flamingo arrived in the nick of time to release their EP last 14 November 2015 at the full-house Route 196 in Quezon City. Yes, just days after they released their new single Two Feet on Jam 88.3 and two weeks before winning the Wanderband contest; thus, being the top Philipine band to perform at the Wanderland festival this coming year!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Flick Review: Haunted Mansion

1/10/2016 12:37:46 PM

Photo credit:
Regal Entertainment has been known for producing several memorable drama and horror films in the Metro Manila Film Festival. In fact, their Shake, Rattle and Roll was so notable it had like 15 editions.

But the 41st MMFF saw two horror movies (or even three, if you count Nilalang) in Buy Now, Die Later and Haunted Mansion, with the latter doing more serious than the former.


1/6/2016 12:37:30 PM

Isang open letter sa isang batikang direktor ang naging viral nitong mga nagdaang araw. At ano ang dahilan? Pagmamaltrato sa “ekstra.” Sa isang liham na kumalaht sa Facbeook, sinabi na siya at ang kanyang boyfriend -- na wala namang backgrounds sa acting -- ay paulit-ulit diumanong nababastos at pinapahiya ng direktor na si Cathy Garcia-Molina. Oo, siya nga na naging direktor ng ilang mga pelikula na pinapanood mo sa kasalukuyan.

The Scene Around: Fools and Foes EP Launch

1/10/2016 4:07:39 PM

Long night ahead. After crossing cities like a coast-to-coast play on basketball, I finally arrived down south. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Playback: CHEATS (ALBUM)

1/10/2016 2:02:06 PM

Long before I get acquainted into their music. All I then-knew was CHEATS was one of the reasons why the Philippine music here in the country was very much alive. And I’m not talking about how wild their usual sets are. Also, forget the stereotyping of mainstream and underground thingamajigs.

Last July, they formally launched their self-titled album at SaGuijo. And fair enough, nearly half of their released singles became part of the record. 

Tirada Ni SlickMaster: 2015 MMFF Edition (Part 2)

12/28/2015 2:46:44 AM

Disqualified ang Honor Thy Father mula sa Best Picture award sa ika-41 na Metro Manila Film Festival.

Alam ko, nabanggit ko na ito sa previous na Tirada Ni SlickMaster ukol sa 2015 MMFF. Pero mukhang naging masalimuot ang proseso ng pagkakadiskwalipika nito.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Flick Review: Beauty and the Bestie

1/5/2016 6:34:00 PM

Photo credits: Manila Bulletin
Okay, another Vice Ganda movie. Obviously, another sure-fire hit in the box office; but moreover, another garbage in the eyes of movie geeks and critics.

Tirada Ni SlickMaster: Drive Pa More!

1/10/2016 2:22:16 PM

Isang siklista ang namatay matapos gulungan ng isang trak sa Marikina city. Yan ang isa sa mga balitang gumulantang sa lipunan sa simula ng bagong taon, maliban sa mga isyu ng naputukan at nalalapit na eleksyon.

Hindi nga lang yan isang trak e. Isang trak na pagmamay-ari ng gobyerno. Aray ko po. Mantakin mo ang mga mas dapat na nangunguna sa pagsunod sa batas gaya ng mga sasasakyang pang-gobyerno ay ang siya pang pasaway?

Ayan. Deads tuloy si ate na naghatid lamang ng kanyang bunsong anak sa pinapasukan nitong paaralan.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Flick Review: Buy Now, Die Later

1/5/2016 6:47:14 PM

Photo credit:
Horror and comedy converged once again as the same prods who brought you Walang Forever came up with their second entry at the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival titled Buy Now, Die Later.

Upcoming: SpeEd UnLIMITed

1/10/2016 1:49:12 PM

The Child’s World - A Growing Center will be holding SpeEd UnLIMITed, a very special running event at CCP Complex, Pasay City Philippines on 31 January 2016.

Tirada Ni SlickMaster: Erratum

1/10/2016 1:24:17 PM

Sumakabilang buhay si German Moreno noong nakaraang araw ng Biyernes, alas-3:20 ng madaling araw. Ayon ito sa kanyang pamangkin na si John Nite.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Good Fight, Ugly Decision-Making?!

1/10/2016 8:59:20 PM

Photo credit: Bleacher Report

I saw the main event of UFC 195 last week. It’s been a very long while since the last time I have seen a very good fight at the MMA world.

Perhaps, a good fight; but with a ‘disgusting’ result. A split decision was awarded to Robbie Lawler; thus making his title defense successful once again despite his opponent Carlos Condit (the fourth contender for their division) dominating on majority of the fight.

Flick Review: All You Need is Pag-Ibig

1/10/2016 12:57:03 PM

Photo credits:
Seems the Star Cinema-Antonette Jadaone experiment turned out so well for the romcom scene, eh? Perhaps, it was since her project with then-Cinema One Original That Thing Called Tadhana days.

Friday, January 08, 2016

One vs. All

1/5/2016 12:56:59 PM

As far as the live tweets of WWE Monday Night RAW is concerned, Roman Reigns faced Sheamus with Mr. Vince McMahon as the match referee. Obviously this created buzzing stirs among wrestling fans, even if we all know it’s scripted as fuck.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The #iBlog11 Experience (Part 2)

1/2/2016 11:01:02 AM

Saturday, 5th of December. I just had a brief nap from attending an EP launch. And prior to that, I had a new edition of my identity EAT SLEEP RANT REPEAT T-shirt, and moreover, attended the first day of the 11th Philippine Blogging Summit held at the Penthouse Bocobo Hall, UP College of Law in Quezon City.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Flick Review: Walang Forever

1/2/2016 10:14:54 AM

Photo credit: Wikipedia
Walang Forever may appear to be another hellish romance movie with comedy and dramatic portions lying somewhere in between. But with the advent of the popular term called #hugot (or angst)in the emotional Filipinos, it’s quite more easy to stereotype Walang Forever; considering a lot of people arguing whether the F word really exists or not, especially at the context of romantic relationships.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Weeknights to Remember: SlickMaster's Memorable Gigs of 2015 (Part 1)

12/31/2015 3:00:36 PM

The post was supposed to be named Fridays and Saturday Nights to Remember only to realized a few things: first, gigs are happening every single weeknight; second, most of them aren’t even planned by yours truly to attend; and third, I have been to almost 70 gigs for 2015.

2015 has been a heck of a good year for me as I discovered Philippine music anew -- and it broods at the place where minority of people knows -- the independent scene. Over the course of time, I attended about 50 events starting from a random night out that happened 24 January 2015 at Route 196. I was then supposed to watch my college friend whose already a musician.

PlayBack: Autotelic – Gising

12/13/2015 10:59:24 AM (Updated 07/18/2016 08:28:24 PM)

It seems for every single song that Autotelic performed on stage, there’s always this kind of vibe that made me either document them or just sing-along and dance to the tune, or do both.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Flick Review: My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore

12/29/2015 11:41:46 PM

Photo credit: Wikipedia
Perhaps of all the movies who made noise for 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival, it was the current most popular fanbase who stood out the most. And who else can forget about Eat Bulaga’s prized kalyeserye duo of AlDub when GMA Films along with M-ZET Productions, APT Entertainment, Octo Arts Films and MEDA Productions teamed up to produce My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore through the direction of Jose Javier Reyes?

2016 Na! E Ano Ngayon?

12/13/2015 3:28:23 PM

Bagong taon na, ano magbabago ka pa ba?

Naku, huwag na. Ano namang babaguhin mo? Ano naman ang bago kung magbabagong taon na? Ano naman ang mga mangyayari ngayong 2016? Maliban sa mga hula na sinesensationalized ng mass media at ginagawang panakot sa madla?

2016 na! E ano ngayon? 

Thank You, 2015. Hello, 2016!

12/31/2015 11:57:01 PM

So another year is now recorded at the history books. We all have our own share of stories. Some of us said 2015 was a good one for them, while others have stated otherwise.

If you asked me though, I had lots of ups and downs to the extreme level. There were times when I felt totally devastated or depressed; where I thought I suck in life big time; or maybe for a second I was a disappointment, or a failure.

Some people may actually point you to that direction with concern in their minds that you can do better. And that is something I am really thankful for.