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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Rundown Slam: PWR Live Oktoberplex

10/15/2017 11:28:30 PM

It's been half-a-year since the last time I have seen a Philippine Wrestling Revolution show. Obviously, there are new faces and new stories that they are trying to tell everyone. And I may have felt lagged behind by so faraway distance, but at least I'm still trying to keep up with their developments that are barely told and exposed through their social media pages.

And while they have shifted from Pasig back to their home city in Makati – specifically, to the near northern portion of Circuit – it's interesting that PWR has been grasping in new and innovative matches, especially in such manner that they are now providing the Filipino counterpart to what has been the likes of WWE's Survivor Series.

Well, while we will have to wait for another month to witness PWR Vendetta and their “Ubusan Ng Lahi” tag team elimination match (plus any signs of developments prior to that), PWR Live has joined the October-fest bandwagon of event-naming rights when they staged their October edition of PWR Live show titled “Oktoberplex” (with a poster that showed Mike Madrigal and that ass of Chris Panzer).

Any by the looks of it, it is more fun than the name sake: probably more saitsfying than beer.