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Thursday, December 31, 2015


12/27/2015 4:57:24 AM

I remember: going to SaGuijo with barely less than 30 minutes before the show rolls, a taxi wanted to make a one-time flag down fare going there, and it was priced 400 pesos. I kindly refused, though on my mind utters such harsh words: Hey, I don't even spend 200 whenever I go from here to Ayala. Lakas mong manlamang ha?

But anyway, I got a more friendly (and a fair-pricey) one going there at Makati for this heck-of-a-gig-slash-Christmas Party,

Play 4 Serve and Locked Down Entertainment’s Group Study had its one last run for 2015, and it’s not a school tour this time around as SaGuijo was the place for be on that evening of Saturday, 26 December 2015. And it’s called WOWOWOWS SANTA KLAUS.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Upcoming: World Poker Tour Manila 2016

12/30/2015 12:28:46 PM

If you’re a huge fan of poker, or moreover if you’re a gamer, here’s something to kick start the year with a bang. A week-long festival where there four poker tournaments will be slated at the Solaire Resort Grand Ballroom starting at the second day of 2016.

More details here:

Playback: Riverbanks Fireworks Display 2014

12/30/2015 12:11:43 PM

Every December 30, Marikina Riverbanks celebrated their yearend party at the center’s amphitheater, with thousands of Marikeños and people from the nearby cities witnessing a night of music and the grand fireworks display every year and setting a fitting end to everyone with the very lively vibe even though it’s already past midnight.

And for the nth time, it will happen once again tonight.

National Heroic Amnesia

8/22/2015 1:03:26 PM

Sa panahon na inililimbag ko ito ay araw ng kamatayan ng pambansang bayani na si Gat Jose Rizal ngayon.

O tapos, ano naman kung ganun?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flick Review: Nilalang

12/29/2015 10:19:10 AM

Photo credits:

Second stop in doing a review in all movies of the Metro Manila Film Festival is Nilalang, an action-suspense-horror flick starring Cesar Montano, Meg Imperial, Cholo Barretto and Maria Ozawa. 

The Difference of 10 Years

06/23/14 12:25:53 PM

Times have changed. For over the past ten years, we witnessed Beyonce's music, as well as the Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Nelly and other rhythm and blues (RNB) musicians emerged even more. In fact, BEP's “Where Is The Love” was the very popular song in 2003. It was the top ranked song for almost all of the Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) stations in the Metropolitan Manila area during the year.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Flick Review: Honor Thy Father

12/27/2015 11:30:27 PM

Photo credit: Reality Entertainment

With the sudden rise of biopics at the recent Metro Manila Film Festival editions, some filmmakers are taking a different-but-similar approach: that is to bring back the pictures depicting reality in our lives regardless if it make everyone feel heavy about it.

Enter Honor Thy Father into the picture. A product by the same production that gave you On The Job, the current Reality Entertainment offering stars John Lloyd Cruz in another challenging role. Perhaps, topping the one he did on Star Cinema’s The Trial in 2014.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tirada Ni SlickMaster: MMFF Edition

12/26/2015 5:56:57 PM

Photo credit: Inquirer Entertainment
So ayun na nga: Ika-41 na Metro Manila Film Festival na. Meaning, panahon na naman para mamayagpag ang mga Pinoy na pelikula sa ating bansa. At least, kahit sa dalawang linggo man lamang.


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Away Pa More!

12/23/2015 12:51:59 AM

Minsan, ang pulitika sa Pilipinas ay isang napakaboring na talakayan. Saka lamang ito napapansin ng madla kapag may mga mahalaganag pangyayari gaya ng eleksyon.

At para sa isang ordinaryong araw, isang elemento ang kailangan para maging laman ng mga tao ang usapang-pulitika: kontrobersiya. Mga bagay na hidi basta-basta nangyayari sa ganun-ganun na lamang. Yung mga tipong debate tapos Ingles pa ang dayalekto nila samahan pa ng samu’t saing terminolohiya na tanging mga dalubhasa at elitista lamang ang nakakaintindi? Masyado nang mainstream yan, allo na kung gusto mong gumawa ng ingay at baka sakaling makakuha ka ng boto.

Needing a "Quick Fix"

12/19/2015 12:28:25 PM

The turnaround from TLC to RAW became a very improbable in the recent months. Yes, from a screwjob to a la make up class. It revolved even more than a double-cross. Say, what quite happened?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Scene Around: Stripped X Docdef

12/23/2015 6:12:04 PM

Tuesday evening, I swung by Route 196 only to realized I was two hours earlier and they were still closed—and was on the process of unveiling their new signage. Few minutes came by and it was voila! Welcome to Route 196 indeed with a new logo and a help from Jack Daniels’ Philippines. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Big-Time Blunder

12/21/2015 06:15:38 PM
Isang malaking pagkakamali. Maling-mali. Napakalaking pagkakamali.

As in walang #ParangMayMali sa mga naganap kanina dahil obvious na obvious ito kahit mahamog pa sa ilang bahagi ng lungsod kanina. Mas maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw ang isang maling kaganapan nung inanunsyo ni Steve Harvey, host ng ika-64 na Miss Universe ang nagwagi.

The Rundown Slam: WWE TLC 2015

12/19/2015 9:51:35 AM

It's that time of the year again where the holidays at the world of
professional wrestling sports entertainment are served best with everyone’s favorite toys: tables, ladders, and chairs. It’s the WWE’s own version of “Demolition Derby,” and it’s not as tender loving care as it is.

WWE TLC was set at John Cena’s near-home turf TD Garden in Massachussets. Ironically, he wasn’t around even if speculations from the forums state he will appear again to challenge Alberto Del Rio, the man who defeated him at Hell in a Cell for the United States Championship.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

PlayBack: A Perfect Christmas

12/13/2015 9:21:14 AM

I wouldn’t be surprised when Christmas was the season of romance. Well, with the advent of those holiday-timed love songs and several gimmicks (and that includes SMP right there), let’s face it: isn’t that lovely when you had your very “loved one” beside you during the time where you will be opening presents, gather together for Noche Buena or by just simply attending Misa De Gallo?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Playback: MilesExperience – Silakbo

12/12/2015 5:06:12 PM

A few months after reaching success in their Love Supreme music video launch, the boys of MilesExperience came up with another big thing, and it’s called Silakbo.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Alaala ng Kamikazee

12/12/2015 5:42:06 PM

Hindi ako isang masugid na tagahanga ng bandang ito. Sa totoo nga ay nung high school lang ako natutong making sa kanila. Partida, hindi tumutugtog ang Chiksilog sa isatsyon ng radyo na pinapakinggan ko, at bata pa ang YouTube kaya hindi pa ganun kahinang ang kalidad ng mga lumalabas na video nun. (Well, kasabay lamang ng pag-usbong ng mga DSL nun.)

The #iBlog11 Experience (Part 1)

12/13/2015 1:51:02 PM

It’s that time of the year once again. After a year and a half—including a six-month wait after a sudden shift on schedule—iBlog is back on a bigger venue and more talks.

First stop was actually the first time in iBlog11 where they will have a forum about the rise of fashion and beauty blogs here in the country. Liz Lanuzo, Diego Buenaflor, and Tolian Gjika shared insights about the beauty blogging in the Philippines and how do bloggers deal with the notable PR firms in the industry.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Scene Around: The Rest is Noise 8

12/8/2015 8:21:51 PM

I wasn’t supposed to head on to Route 196 during that Saturday evening due to massive stress I have been with in life (and also, a sudden financial constraint), but I have to talk to PULP Managing Editor Cris Ramos and return the albums of WOMB and GENERATION. We agreed on the same date.

The Scene Around: Bloggys 2015

12/12/2015 7:51:44 PM

This year, ESSAYS.PH established an event which gave prestigious honors to the blogging industry here in the country. And it took place 21 November 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura, Taguig.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Scene Around: Coffee Barn Sessions 2

12/8/2015 7:58:34 PM

Two months ago, The Coffee Barn celebrated their second anniversary with a bang as Gabi Na Naman Productions and Vandals On The Wall teamed up to set their second installment of Coffee Barn Sessions.

The show was an instant star-packed by paper; and for barely five hours of live music, Coffee Barn Session delivered as promised with Kai Honasan gracing the evening with her share of tunes—both cover and original.


12/12/2015 7:27:18 PM

Anong meron sa isyung ito: nagmura si Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Okay, una: Patama raw ito laban kay Pope Francis. At pangalawa: nung bumira ito ng “putangina,” humiyaw ang tao.

Ows. Talaga, ‘di nga? 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Not So Gentle

12/12/2015 4:43:11 PM

Sa totoo lang, hindi ako nainiwala sa diwa ng salitang ‘chivalry.’ Ngunit alam ko na buhay na buhay ito, at hindi mamamatay sa adbiyento ng pakikidigma sa ekwalidad ng mga gender, sa panahon na moderno na ang paligid, at sa panahon na mas sibilisado na ang kilos ng sangkatauhan.

Streak's Over

12/13/2015 12:16:40 PM

For over the past few days, my attention has been caught by the Golden State Warriors. No wonder why they are the present NBA Champions. No wonder why they had a very impressive run for the past season and at present (well, so far).

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Donaire-Juarez: The 2015 Brawl of the Year?!

12/13/2015 11:22:50 AM

While everyone was focusing more on the hyped fight between Jose Also and Connor McGregor for the UFC featherweight championship, yours truly on the other hand spotted a short clip about a boxing match happened yesterday (of Friday night in Latin America).

Gone In 13 Seconds

12/13/2015 2:39:15 PM

What can you do in 13 seconds? Cross a street, take a bite of a munchkin, run a hundred meters? Drink a can of beer or energy drink? Watch a vine or an Instagram-length video? A lot, right? 

But how about knocking down your opponent much faster than Ronda Rousey?

Yeah, like how far did that go from this...

Hyped For Fight

12/12/2015 6:08:14 PM

I’ve seen the clips of pre-fight confrontations a lot of times. Perhaps, Jose Aldo vs. Connor McGregor was considered almost one full-year in the making. The so-called biggest fight of the year was supposedly schedule July 10. But due to Aldo’s injury, the plan was shelved, at least. 

Five months later, it’s happening for real. And what makes this fight more interesting is the hype that’s more realistic than anyone who fought at the UFC. And hey, WWE creative peeps, this may not be the wrestling type you guys are handling, but this is how you establish a feud and hype them accordingly! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Scene Around: In D' Flow

12/12/2015 11:50:01 AM

Indie music production group Docdef Productions has celebrated a milestone of organizing 100 gigs since their inception nearly three years ago (well, as I am writing this piece, it’s been already three years) by teaming up with Flow Hose Manila and establishing In D’ Flow.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

PlayBack: Paranoid City – Cold Hearts

12/8/2015 8:57:44 PM 

It’s December. Countdown’s literally dwindling by number. The holiday spirit is up. Everyone’s jolly. And wait a second: you’re... down? Heartbroken? She just dumped you, refrain from giving you a chance to be his girl, and even threw your present that costs a thousand bucks?

Well, it’s fine. Life’s always been like that. Just don’t tell me you’re the newest member of the so-called Samahan ng mga Malalamig ang Pasko, please?

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sellout Daw?

12/8/2015 9:29:48 PM

Maraming naburyo nung pinili ni Ramon Bautista na endorsohin ang kandidato sa pagkapangulo na si Mar Roxas.

Anak ng pating? Pagkatapos niyang gawang katatawanan ang pagpi-fist bump ni Mar nun sa palabas nila sa Internet na KONTRABANDO? Ganun na lang yun?

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Realizations by 12:30 AM

12/07/2015 12:51:00 AM

Since I hardly get some sleep at this very minute, I end up having a bunch of "12:30 midnight realizations."

Sunday, December 06, 2015

PlayBack: SUD – Sila (Music Video)

11/30/2015 9:03:37 PM

There are lots of wonders in this song the first I hear them live. But moreover, there is something magical on its music video. Forget the typical concept where musicians flaunt their stuff as if they are performing on a small gig or a big concert.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Scene Around: Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? Book Launch (2012)

11/30/2015 8:35:31 PM

Just last August (during Stanley Chi’s One Night Stan book-signing event), I remember having a short conversation with Ramon Bautista about his own share of book launches which actually happened at the same ground where we both are then-standing.

Looks like I still remember everything then.

Playback: In D' Flow | Mayonnaise – Jopay

11/30/2015 7:42:10 PM

I have been a fan of Mayonnaise since their mainstream days—especially during the mid-2000s boom of OPM rock. They had done it by creating a song out of their fandom for a Sexbomb girl, severe breakdown affairs, and a whole lot more anthems for over the course of time.

But at the recent gig by Docdef Productions called In D’ Flow, I only thought I would be wild as fuck during the sets of Jensen and the Flips, my current top favorite Autotelic, and other rock bands.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Just My Opinion: Kobe's Retirement

11/30/2015 7:26:43 PM

Before anything else, first and foremeost, I admit I am not a huge fan of Kobe Brayant. In fact there were times where I hated him first. But just like an ordinary human being whose always moved by a constant word called “change,” he earned my respect. There’s no question he;s one of the most prolific scorers this league ever had.

Tirada Ni SlickMaster: Disqualified!

12/1/2015 8:41:19 PM

So diskwalipikado na si Sen. Grace Poe na tumakbo sa halalang pampanguluhan nngayong Mayo 2016. Aba, unang pasabog yan sa huling buwan ng taon na ito ah. Masyadong maaga para sa Pasko, pero sa larangan ng pulitika ay nasa gitna pa lamang din ng digmaan para sa kagustuhan na maging pinuno ng bansa.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Tirada Ni SlickMaster: Womanizer Daw

11/30/2015 7:57:50 PM

Okay, umamin si Davao City mayor at ngayong tatakbong president sa 2016 elections na si Rodrigo Duterte na isa siayng babaero. Misogynist, o womanizer sa ibang terminolohiya.

Ngayon, ano na? Ano naman ngayon?

Upcoming: Habitat For Humanity's Pamaskong Handog

11/30/2015 6:57:27 PM

At the season of giving, a lot of organizations were doing charity works as part of the spirits of thanksgiving, which should be really exhibiting by each and every single human being who has that kind of heart and mind. And especially at times where our country has been plagued by calamities that threatened our properties and lives, giving and building hope should never diminish to bring the faith in humanity back in our community.

With that being said, attached hereby is the press release about Habitat for Humanity's Pamaskong Handog. What is the project all about? Who made it possible? Read:

The Rundown Slam: WWE Survivor Series 2015

11/30/2015 6:20:35 PM

Screengrab from YouTube
This year’s Survivor Series, according to many, was so lame. Yeah, like the way I wrote my first statement there.

But kidding aside, why a lot of people were disappointed in the product after watching the pay-per-view event last two Sundays ago? I mean, what went wrong aside from the book booking and feud build-up?